The Greatest Tips for Moving Furniture Into a Small House

//The Greatest Tips for Moving Furniture Into a Small House
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Around 35.5 million people move each year in the United States. Most of us dream of large and spacious homes. Unfortunately, that is not always reality.

If you are planning to move into an apartment or downsize to a smaller house, you will have to be prepared for getting your items inside to fit. 

Scroll down to learn some of the best tips for moving furniture into a small space! 

1. Take Your Measurements

Once you know the dimensions of your new home, you can begin measuring items to ensure they will fit. 

When buying furniture, you should always make sure that it will fit within your dimensions, otherwise, you will be short of walking space! If you want to be extra careful, take measurements twice and get someone to confirm their accuracy, especially if every inch matters. 

Try not to overcrowd your space. Once you move in you will likely decorate and add in more items that you typically wouldn’t consider. 

2. Put the Essentials in First 

When you start moving items into your home you should always start with the essentials first.

The larger pieces of furniture will need more space to move around. Once these larger items are in their spots you can begin filling in space around it. The very last step in moving is to decorate. 

Another way that you should work with furniture is by starting at the furthest room in the house.

Starting from the back and making your way to the front door can help give you the most space to get around. This way you won’t have to work around a table and couch while moving beds inside. 

3. Take a Ramp

If you are moving heavy furniture into a small space you should use a ramp to move items. 

Loading dock ramps can help you roll large items into the house without having to worry about stairs. This puts less strain on you while moving and gives you more control over where items go. 

Moving heavy items up the stairs can be a pain and leave you yelling at the person helping! Have you ever seen the hit show, Friends? Yelling “pivot” doesn’t always work, go for the ramp instead! 

Ramps are also perfect for moving furniture in and out of moving trucks. 

4. Think of Your Safety

Moving furniture into homes can lead to broken items and bruises if you aren’t careful. Thinking about your safety and ensuring that items are secure is always recommended.

Moving furniture can be tough, and often requires a lot of muscles. Heavy lifting is one of the biggest reasons people experience lower back strain and pain. To avoid getting back pain, always be sure to bend and lift at the knees and not bend over.

A squatting position is recommended if you need to pick up the furniture from the base. Take frequent breaks while moving to prevent any other injuries. 

5. Bring in Items at Different Heights

If you have heavy or tall furniture that needs to get in the house, the best way to do it is by grabbing a partner.

Having another person can help you carry it in and although it may be awkward, one should hold high while the other holds low. Tilting the furniture on an angle can help you navigate through small spaces and get up and down the stairs. 

If you are going up the stairs be sure that the first person can lift the furniture high enough to match the slope. 

The distributed weight centers the furniture, preventing it from swinging around. 

6. Move Chairs the Easy Way

Have you ever tried getting a chair into a room, only to find out that you can’t slide it through the door?

In most of these instances, you can still fit the chair. But you must move it in with a different method. Turning the chair on its side, where it resembles the letter “L” can help you get the chair inside.

Have a partner help you hook the “L”- turned chair around the door. Put the corners of one side in first and curve the chair around the door frame. 

This is one of the easiest methods for getting chairs into a small space. This is also why it is important to work from the back towards the front. 

7. Protect Your Furniture

Moving furniture into a smaller home can lead to bumps and collisions with the walls.

Moving is a long and difficult process. Sometimes you will hit the wall or let an object slip out of your hands and fall. To help the inevitable, you can protect your furniture with plastic, blankets, and other supporting materials. 

Protect fragile corners and the walls by covering up the furniture. This will help prevent any damage from occurring or at least make it not as bad. 

Moving Furniture Can Be a Breeze 

Moving furniture into a small home or apartment can be difficult and sometimes even impossible. 

Utilizing the tips above can help you with furniture moving so that it isn’t such a hassle. 

If you have heavy or tall furniture, the best way to bring it in is with a partner. One person holds high while the other holds low to help distribute the weight. This makes going upstairs and ramps a breeze.

Don’t forget to protect yourself and your furniture. Bending at the knees can prevent any injuries from occurring and using blankets to protect the furniture. 

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