Sunday Photo: Forgiveness Quotes

//Sunday Photo: Forgiveness Quotes

“An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind”- How is it that we know so many things, but when being threatened we act exactly the opposite?

Fear of being so vulnerable and showing signs of weakness, makes us do strange things. We say things we do not mean, we do things we never thought of doing and we blame everyone and everything for what is happening. But is this who we really are? I do not think so!

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I think we are all wonderful people, being caught in our own fears and protecting ourselves in a bad manner. But let’s talk about the most effective tool for protection, which is hardly used: Forgiveness. People mistake it with foolishness or weakness, but in fact, it is the only way you can move on and find the peace to be happy.


When we get hurt, it is like people are throwing rocks at us and because we cannot forgive, we carry those rocks everyday, everywhere we go, and the sad part is that we add more rocks to our pile, because day by day we get angrier and bitter about the situation. In the end, we get to be so heavy, that it is impossible to move forward and there are only 2 option, we either forgive and let go of all the rocks we carry around, or we stop moving and keep on adding rocks until we will bury ourselves in them.


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