Styling Your Maxi Dress for the Monochrome Trend

//Styling Your Maxi Dress for the Monochrome Trend

Monochromatic fashion is back with a vengeance and the hottest way to wear the trend this summer is in the form of a stylish maxi dress. Maxi dresses are one of the most flattering dress shapes you can buy and the effect has even more impact when you keep it monochrome. Just because your maxi dress is black and white, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Here are the hottest ways to style your new maxi dress to make the most of the latest monochrome trend.


By contrasting your black and white maxi dress with bright colors, you can really make a fashion statement. Choose one color and stick with it for all of your accessories. The brighter it is the better! Red is the most popular color to go with the monochrome style but you can also wear teal, yellow, hot pink or emerald green – in fact, just go with whatever color you like.

Your handbag, shoes and jewelery should all be in more or less the same color to prevent your look from being too fussy and over-done. The colors do not have to match exactly. Instead, just go with the general hue and you will really create an impact. To really make the most of this look, you should keep your make-up fresh and minimal.

Stick with Monochrome

Another great way to style these spring / summer petite maxi dresses is to coordinate them with accessories that are also black, white and grey. As you aren’t using any colors to style your look, you can make the most of all the amazing monochromatic patterns that are available instead. If your dress is stripy, pair it with a spotty bag. Or contrast a white floral-print dress with solid black shoes.

If you are going for the all-over monochrome look then you should choose much bolder make-up to create a sense of balance. Play with bright colors for your lipstick and eye shadow to really add the extra wow factor.

Make It Metallic

Another great way to style your monochrome maxi dress is to wear it with metal accessories.metallic-monochrome-dress Whether they are silver, gold or bronze, metal accessories really create a stunning impact. You can wear large earrings and bracelet cuffs to counterbalance the neutral colors of your dress. Wearing a belt in the same color is the final touch you need to pull your look together.

If you are going for the metallic look you can get some dazzling eye shadows to really extend the trend. Wear it with a lipstick that has a subtle hint of the hue you have chosen and you will look as if you’ve stepped straight off the runway in your monochromatic maxi dress.

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