Top 3 Ways to Wear Ladies Loafers

//Top 3 Ways to Wear Ladies Loafers

Summer time, when the warmer weather hits and those hours of lovely sunshine stretch on through the evening. It means more outdoor living, barbecues and outdoor events with friends. It all adds up to a time of year when a girl can put away the winter blues as well as her warmer woollies! It’s also the time of the year when holidays spring to mind and with that thought comes a little shopping therapy, after all a few new outfits and a pair of shoes or two would never go amiss – think colourful  footwear, think Jane Shilton loafers for women!

Loafers are a great spring and summer investment and when you buy some quality, well-made shoes you know they are going to last you the whole season. By the end of it, your loafers will still look chic and stylish no matter what you wear – and when it comes to designs and styles – a girl is spoilt for choice.

The Casual Loafer

Warm weather means a more relaxed attitude to life. You can be casual and smart all at the same time. The perfect shoe to accompany the mood has to be the loafer because these slip on shoes add that finishing touch to a casual look. The bonus, of course, is they are so comfortable to wear – it’s a win-win situation. You get a stylish shoe that looks chic and at the same time the low heels and cushioned interiors make loafers so easy on your feet.

Check out the colourful loafers around – some of which have gorgeous details that make them the sort of shoe that stands out in a crowd. A pair of colourful loafers paired up with blue denim jeans is a perfect match, but they look brilliant with shorts and skinnies too – the perfect casual summer attire.

The Arty Look

You can create a real arty look for yourself by finishing a look off with a pair of stylishly chic loafers, by Jane Shilton. Blue fabric loafers are a great choice to wear with a mini dress or skinny ripped jeans. Accessorise the look with silver or bronze jewellery – it’s a great way to set off a tan! To complete the look, opt for a colourful beret or a stripey blazer and voilà, you’ve achieved an arty Continental look that so hot!

Ultra Chic

Loafers are great when teamed up with smart wear too – you can achieve a really sophisticated look because the shoes are so classic. Think boyish and chic, then complete your look with a stylish pair of leather loafers. Opt for shoes  with gorgeous colourful details to add a feminine touch to your look. Think leopard skin loafers or pretty loafers with gold embellishments!

The great thing about these shoes is they are so easy to wear and so easy wearing. All you have to do is slip them on and the comfort they offer just envelops your feet which means you can keep them on all day and never feel any discomfort. Loafers are hot, they’re chic and they are classic which is why a girl just has to check out Jane Shilton loafers for women and then sit back and ponder how many pairs to buy!

Written by Natasha Brown – a bubbly fashionista who loves to talk fashion and style.

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