Sunday Photo: Christmas Cookies

//Sunday Photo: Christmas Cookies

Good morning to another gorgeous Sunday,

This time, we get together to enjoy part one of the cutest Christmas Cookies and just connect to the wonderful feeling of baking and dreaming about eating these pieces of art.

I know we still have 31 days till Christmas, but I cannot help it! I love baking and I adore Christmas, it is by far my favourite holiday. There is nothing better like snowing outside, warm and cosy inside, and the smell of freshly baked cookies which you can enjoy with warm milk or hot chocolate! 

Baking makes me extremely happy because it is like turning joy into an object, of my making that others can enjoy. I am sure you have a hobby or a thing that makes you feel the same, but you do not have time for. Because let’s face it, after work and cooking dinner, doing some cleaning and some laundry, we rarely have time for our little pleasures named hobbies. But I challenge you this week to do ONE thing that you love! And then we will talk about how you felt.

Keep in mind that calories do NOT COUNT for Christmas!

I leave you with this incredibly sweet and beautiful Christmas Cookies and I wish you a relaxing Sunday!

And if you were wondering HOW TO make these amazing sweets, I got an easy recipe for you, watch the video below!

Stop wasting time, bake some cookies and let’s all enjoy them!









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