Top 10 Flat Boots For A Chic Winter

//Top 10 Flat Boots For A Chic Winter

It is always a problem to find the right jacket, the right coat or the right pair of boots in the winter. We need a pair (or more) that meets our daily necessities, but also to look chic when the situation requires so. I was looking the other day through some pairs of boots and I thought that sharing is caring :). I made a selection of my favorite boots I found over the internet, some of them also available in stores!

10. Zara flat leather boots

estilo-boots-1-zara-riding   This pair of boots has the kind of simpleness every girl is looking for. They are perfect for day and also for casual nights out! I would wear them with anything, they are very easy to mix! Are available also in brown and the price is 129 EUR.

9. Stradivarius suede boots

estilo-10-stradivarius-49.95   I like the color of these boots and also the little detail and cuts. They are perfect for everyday outfits. I don’t necessarily like the length, but with a pair of over-the-knee tights and a dress, you are ready to rock the city! The price is 49.95 EUR.

8. Hunter wellies

estilo-8-wellies-asos-hunter-121.92   Love the color, love the length, love the style! If you have an ongoing personality, you like to explore new outfits every day and have a unique style, these are meant for you! I can picture them together with a chic skirt for a day look. The price is 121.92 EUR.

7. Over-the-knee River Island boots

estilo-9-overtheknee-riverisland-asos-136.9 - Copy What I like the most at this pair is the combination of colors and the golden details. Even if the length is not one of my favorites and doesn’t favor everybody, they can still make your outfit look great. I would wear them with leggings and a shirt! They cost 136.99 EUR!

6. Zara sand suede boots

estilo-6-sandandsuede-zara-79.99 The color is really picky, yet stylish. These boots are harder to mix because of the fabric. I think putting on an effortless dress is enough. They are doing the whole job! The price is 79.95 EUR.

5. Bronx flat boots

estilo-boots-4-bronx-189-asos When you are in a hurry and just need a pair of boots to go with anything you wear, these are the ones! They are black, simple, made from leather and seem very comfortable. The price is 184.94 EUR.

4. Zara burgundy boots

estilo-5-burgundyleather-zara   It was love at first sight! You have to dare a little if you want to stand out. And this pair of boots will make you stand out. Use your imagination and mix them with every crazy piece of clothing you want and show some personality! Their price is 149 EUR.

3. Mango Antique boots

estilo-11-mango-159.99   Edgy boots, really en vogue now. Mixing the masculine style of the boots with a very feminine piece of garment like a dress would lead to a very urban look. Also, the silver buckle is giving the rockish element every fashionista is seeking this season. Buy them for 159.99 EUR.

2. Shelly’s modern-rock boots

estilo-7-motorboots-asos-178.9  This is definitely the rock season! If you want to be in fashion, you have to buy these boots. From the length to the color and laces, everything is chic about them. Put on your leather skirt and your studded bracelet and you have the perfect look to go with the boots. You can buy them for 178.09 EUR.

1. And the winner is…Zara riding boots

estilo-boots-2-riding -zara - Copy For me these boots are just perfect! Simple riding boots, made out of black leather with golden details is exactly what I look for in a pair of boots. Plenty of outfits come into my mind when I am looking at them, from very casual day looks to night ones. Urban chic, effortless and classy are all combined in this specific pair! You can buy them from for 129 EUR.

I wish you girls a thrilling shopping experience!

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