Inspire Me To Follow My Dream #1: Lulou Accessories

//Inspire Me To Follow My Dream #1: Lulou Accessories

This column Inspire Me was created to promote talented people from all over the world and to inspire other people who have talent TO DO what they LOVE and stop wasting any other minute on doing what others want from them. It is a big project, but i am sure that together we can create a community where people are not afraid to be amazing and show what awesome things they can do.

Also, every interview will follow with a Giveaway so you can win a piece of art created by such talented people. So, stay tuned, the Giveaway starts in a few days!




Our first talent to display is a beautiful girl, from Arad -Romania, who has the most exquisite food inspired jewelry. She is nice and easy to talk to, but for more, please read the interview below:

  • Describe the person behind Lulou

Hello my name is Diana Kazamer and I live in Arad, Romania. If I could pick 3 words to describe myself, I would say: quirky, weird and sometimes creative (haha). She is too shy to admit, that she is more than just ‘sometimes creative’, you can see that in the jewelry she creates!
I am a huge fan of the cartoon adventure time, i think candy is a food group and my personal assistant is white fluffy dog.

  •  What is your dream and when did it started?


It all started with my desire to own and wear miniature food jewelry, but at that time it was almost impossible for me to buy them, because the online shops would not ship packages to our country 🙁 . Living in a third world country can be very frustrating sometimes.
So i’ve done some research about the materials used for those pieces of jewelry and after many articles and tutorials i started modeling polymer clay <3

As you can see, her dream started with the need of owning something it was almost impossible to achieve, so she started to create it by herself. What a wonderful way of realizing what your talent is.

  •  Why did you choose to follow your passion?


I follow my passion simply because I love being my own boss. Really, it rocks! It’s never easy when you have your own business, I work extra hours to finish orders and I put a lot of effort so that all my products look their best when the customer receives them. and when you’re enthusiastic and proud of the work you do the better equipped you’ll be to overcome the many obstacles that will surely arise in the process of starting a business or moving up in a career.

  •  Is it important that people do only what they love?


I believe that it is impossible to do only what you love. I like to think that the difficult or unpleasant situations I am facing are just ways to help me improve and become better at what i do . Keeping that I mind, I believe life is a sum of things we love, and things that aren’t that lovely. The good and the bad things things create the whole, and, as a great person said, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


  •  What qualities a person must have in order to succeed with their own dream?


The most important things are to trust yourself, to work hard, stay positive be enthusiastic and have determination.

  •  What are your goals for the nearest future?


My plans for the nearest future would be to present all my designs in a show room, where people can come see and buy my jewelry.

I am preparing a special collection for guys. I also started a partnership with Creative Strings by Marilena and together we are making beautiful statement jewelry that we will soon present on our Facebook pages. 

Of course i have so many other plans and surprises prepared for my lovely clients.
You can talk about sales, new designs, income figures, new collections, new partnerships…

  •  When things go south, where do you find strength to move forward?

When things go bad, my rocks are my close ones, my mom and my friends, that always appreciated, loved and encouraged me. Also my customers’ feedback after they receive their orders bring a big smile on my face, no matter what kind of day I have. It is always lovely to know my customers are pleased and happy.

  • Where do you get inspired from?


It is so easy for me to get inspired. I find inspiration in the simplest things like: conversations, cartoons, illustrations but mostly cookbooks. It is so much fun to know that your inspirational sources are endless and limitless.

  •  Where can we find you if we want to buy your products?

I can be easily found on Facebook, just by typing “Lulou.”. On my page you will find photos with the latest designs and other information related to purchasing the products.

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