Ohsawa Detox Diet -Day 8

//Ohsawa Detox Diet -Day 8

Day 8

What did i eat:


I had boiled rice with salt, i could barely eat it, but i needed to eat something and neither buckwheat or millet looked  appealing.


I ate the same thing: boiled rice with salt.


In the first part of the day i had a few spoons of crispy millet, and in the  second part of the day i had some baked wheat.


My boyfriend made his awesome pancakes, and i had like 3 pieces.

How did i feel:

I want to say that i felt awesome, but the truth is i felt frustrated. It’s getting harder and harder to keep this detox diet and i am complaining a lot and becoming a victim. I do not have specific cravings, i just want food! I do not know why is getting so hard, is like i don’t want to cook anymore, i am not looking for new recipes, everything tastes the same, i am kinda blocked spinning around in the same circle and it’s fair to say that i cannot wait day 11 when i can eat real food again.

So, as you can see, we all have our own limits, some days go smooth some days go hard, but are all humans and we just need to accept it and move on hoping and acting for a better change.


I am skinny skinny skinny and cannot wait to get back into my old skirts and jeans. Although i have stopped exercising due to my injury, i cannot wait to start again in a few days, because now that some fat is out of the way, the muscles are coming out and i can really work them out.


Only 2 more days to go! If i can do it, YOU can do it! Stay strong!

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