Top 10 January Fashion Magazine Covers

//Top 10 January Fashion Magazine Covers

There is no cover as important as the September one, but January, the start of the year for the average human beings, might classify as the 2nd most important. Still, who reads magazines in January, right after coming back from a blossoming and wonderfully relaxing holiday? The January issue is the welcome magazine for the New Year, it has resolutions, ideas and brings the average reader back to life. Truth is, probably nobody wants to be woken up from their holiday, but, sorry to remind you that work, school and all the activities begin now. Did you think about your resolutions? Have you made your dream board? Have you thought about all you want to improve in the next months? How about what do you, lovely reader, want to do to achieve all your goals, and not leave resolutions for the years to come?

This article is not a series of answers for all these questions, but a nice little chart, the first one in the New Year. Here, dear reader, you have the Top 10 January Magazine Covers.


Marie Claire US Jan 2014

#1 Marie Claire US

Marie Claire US features none other than Katy Perry on the cover. I have chosen it especially because of the huge title saying ” Our first ever CHANGE YOUR LIFE Issue“. What better title could they have found for the start of a new, brilliant year? This is the perfect title of a sexy issue that will lead you to conquer the world. What to ask for more?

Vogue Germany Jan 2014

#2 Vogue Germany

Vogue Germany, being a magazine that I have never read per se(I have read its American, Italian, French and British versions, but never even tried to read the German one), looks for me, the rather unexperienced viewer as a great example of a magical and fresh issue. Joan Smalls graces its cover, in a very seductive and very elegant manner, and the way she looks keeps up with the party vibe some of us are still feeling, after the holidays.

Elle RO Jan 2014

#3 Elle Romania

I have chosen Elle Romania, not only because it is my home country, but because of its “Hello 2014” title, that is big and white on the cover. Kim Cloutier stands beautifully on the cover, embracing an air of luxury and relaxation, the perfect present for the seasonal sales. She inspires a party kind of a mood, but in a different way that Joan Smalls does on the cover of Vogue Germany. She seems to give the viewer an edgier side of the after-holidays party world.

Cosmo malaysia Jan 2014

#4 Cosmopolitan Malaysia

Oh Malaysia, you look so sunny and perfect for our holidays! The reason I chose this Cosmo cover, featuring Marsha Milan, is because it inspires an air of vacations at the beach side, which, at least for me is unusual during this time of the year. But only if we think about the way the super rich are spending their holidays, we find ourselves diving in perfectly white sands and crystal clear blue waters, somewhere in the world.

Glamour Poland

#5- Glamour Poland

As the name of the publication states it, this cover is soo Glamour. It is pink, shiny and beautiful, whilst its January covers are honored to have Scarlett Johansson being sexier than ever. Continuing the party vibe, but taking, yet again a different direction than the ones mentioned before, Glamour Poland is a very happy magazine cover, with a title that inspires and sends many different messages i.e. “Think Pink” and with the word happy written nicely in the corner.

Be magazine

#6- Be Magazine- France

Another happy magazine, this time filled with yellow bubbles of interesting titles. Having Rianne Ten Haken, the magazine(which I devoured this weekend) brings up a very happy and young vibe, as well as a fresh start for the new year. It is a very cute magazine and it gives you a perfect read for lazy nights in.


#7- InStyle US

Britney Spears is probably the sort of epitome of renaissance and the new year is the perfect time to do it. Gracing the covers of the American InStyle magazine, she looks happier and more beautiful than ever. Despite her very public breakdowns, people cannot forget her, the queen of pop so easily. The title saying “This is your year“, may even apply for her, as much as it applies for us the readers.

harper's bazaar singapore

#8- Harper’s Bazaar Singapore

To be honest, I have missed the Naomi Campbell covers, I don’t know exactly why. However, when I have found Harper’s Bazaar Singapore Issue, I couldn’t help but wonder, “will she ever grow old?”. She looks stunning as usual, she inspires the warm weather of Singapore, and she makes me want to go to the beach, even though I am not a fan of super warm weather and sand all over the place. This issue truly represents “The Best of what’s new“, as Naomi never ceases to stun people around the world.


#9- Allure US

New Year is a time to start fresh and Allure USA stands as proof of that, featuring a perfectly natural looking close-up of Penelope Cruz. She looks stunning, sexy, seductive and passionate, just as we know her from her movies. She is just plain beautiful. The title that stands out most, in my opinion is the “Makeover Special“, as we all know, the passing towards a new year brings transformations and why shouldn’t we get inspired for something new?

Nylon US

#10- Nylon US

Last, but not least, Nylon magazine, featuring none other than Demi Lovato. It is true, that it is a rather teenage-y sort of a magazine, but the cover says new and fresh, with several trends on display on the cover. Demi looks relaxed, young and restless, as we should all be at the beginning of the year(this, until life has to get back on its pace).

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