Ohsawa Detox Diet – Day 7

//Ohsawa Detox Diet – Day 7

Day 7

What did i eat:

Well, day 7 for me was a Monday! And not just that, was my exam day -the one i was super scared about. So, for breakfast i could not eat anything, just drank water, this is how i usually do on exam days, but before Ohsawa i would have a protein shake or some pieces of dark chocolate…

So, the first time i ate was at about 2 pm when i got home from school and i was so tired and lethargic that i did not want to cook anything, so i ate an entire pack of expanded rice, more than half a dozen pieces.

For dinner, my boyfriend made some pancakes (i had online meeting and could not do it) and they were awesome, i had like 3 pieces and was perfect.

How did i feel:

I felt hungry and tired and stressed out and i was in pain because of my knees, almost all day, but after i found out my score at my exam, i felt so relieved and i could get back on track. So, emotions are extremely important in our daily life, most of the time our body cannot regenerate because of negative emotions even if we are making the right choices. To whatever you are working on right now: losing weight, gaining weight, getting fit, getting healthy…add some emotional intelligence workouts. Will do good, not immediately, because there might be plenty of things to work on, but in time, small steps to great achievements.


Two people told me that i am so much skinnier and that they can really see a difference, so i was happy. Cannot wait to get to day 10 and see the numbers!!!



Today i want to talk about RICE, actually white rice, because everywhere i turn i can only hear about how amazing and great is brown rice and how unhealthy is white rice. For more than a year i ate only brown rice and felt guilty when i was forced by circumstances to eat white rice, but after a little research i learned that not all that seems bad it is actually bad.

Here are some health benefits of rice:

  1. Great source of energy
  2. Cholesterol free
  3. Blood pressure management
  4. Cancer prevention
  5. Skin care
  6. Alzheimer disease
  7. Diuretic and digestive qualities
  8. Rich in vitamins
  9. Cardiovascular health
  10. Resistant starch

If you are hungry for more => OrganicFacts


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