Ohsawa Detox Diet- Day 9

//Ohsawa Detox Diet- Day 9

Day 9

What did I eat


Started my day pretty late, i love this part of finals, i get to sleep until 10-11 am and it feels wonderful. I tried to eat a big bowl of boiled rice with salt, after drinking my 2 cups of fresh water.


For lunch, I made some rice noodles soup and bread bites. Both dishes turned out to be delicious.


Got in love with expanded rice and wheat and after the Ohsawa Detox Diet i will use them for sandwiches, being gluten free. If you want to try gluten free but feel stuck because you believe there isn’t much you can cook, I’ve compiled a list of 65 gluten free recipes that are easy to cook for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert on my other blog about health coaching.


Some more soup and expanded wheat and baked wheat.

How did I feel

I do not know if you are struggling with self-sabotage like I do, but for me day 9 was worst than day 2. And it is not because of cravings, I stopped having them, it’s about quitting. It is so easy to quit and so hard to go further, even if you almost there. I have been having these beliefs that i am starving, that I should eat ‘real food’, that I have done enough for 9 days and i can bail now. In these moments, I am grateful for my boyfriend who supports me and understands me and makes me realize of the things that i value and that i am not a quitter! So, i stopped being a victim and start cooking (that’s how i made soup and bread bites). Before going to sleep i felt whole, i felt proud that i lasted one more day. It is funny how our self talk is, it can break us and it can lift us in just a few moments.

If you decide to start this diet, make sure you have someone that will help you stay strong in those moments when all you want is to quit! Do not start this alone, because is a really hard detox diet and although you will love the results, getting to the finish line might not happen if you are not motivated in those ‘low’ moments.


One thing i have been omitting these past days, was that i got my period and usually it is not most recommended to have detox during these days, because your body is under enough stress already. Usually during these days, i have no appetite and the only thing i can eat is chocolate. Imagine going through it without it. But it was not that bad, because weirdly enough my body did not asked for it, my mind did. I was convinced that I NEED to eat chocolate, but after some quiet times with myself i realized that i will do what my body is asking for, not what i think my body wants – that is why i continued with the detox. Anyways, usually i am in real pain and this time i was not. Usually i get some minor acne, this time i did not. So, i think this was a really nice thing for my body.

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