Ohsawa Detox Diet: Day 6

//Ohsawa Detox Diet: Day 6

Day 6

What did i eat:

On this day i did not eat a lot, for some reason i had a different day, maybe because it was Sunday and instead of truly relaxing i had tons of work to do and stress with my exam…and i was in terrible pain, because of my injuries to my knees -which makes it hard to walk.

So, in the morning i had some bread slices, made by my future mother-in-law and for lunch i had some kind of bread filled with rice, again made by her. As snacks i had a few teaspoons of crispy millet and i totally skipped dinner. In the evening, i did not feel so good, my stomach was not happy with what i ate, and i have no idea WHY. Maybe is because i did not cook it myself?! Who knows?

How did i feel:

Nothing has changed from day 5, only thing that was different was my tummy ache in the evening, and it was totally based on what i ate. So, the advice would be :always cook for yourself, because even though people mean good, maybe they put some stuff in the food you really are not supposed to have (and they just don’t realize), or it is about the energy surrounding the food and the way of cooking it. -No idea yet, but i will research about it, especially that i had the same symptoms like when i ate things that have gluten, and in the past 6 days i have been eating everyday gluten products and felt GREAT, so something shifted today and i need to figure out what exactly. Maybe i did not chewed the food enough – another major thing that we often ignore.


I definitely feel skinnier and raised my self esteem a bit, because it is awesome to look at my legs/thighs in the mirror and see muscle underneath all that cellulite – You can really get rid of it, through exercise, massage and a healthy lifestyle. (is on my list after detoxing, because i had a  healthy lifestyle and i went to massage, but forgot one big part- i skipped exercising)

Well, Sunday was a really exhausting day for me, so tomorrow you will get more nutritional information about … (you will find out tomorrow!)

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