Let’s Talk Curves

//Let’s Talk Curves

Oh, lately I heard all kind of discussions about skinny girls wanting to gain weight and curvy girls wanting to be skinnier. I have to admit, though, that curvy women tend to be more confident than skinny ones when it comes to their bodies. I was reading a nice article from dailymail regarding the new plus-size line Mango just launched. I want to express my absolute gratitude to Mango through this article and their initiative of adding a line exclusively for the ones that are not affected by the stereotypic world we all live in. I am not encouraging obesity, just to make my point clear. I am just encouraging healthy women, who are not ashamed of their body and are really confident with their curves.

Fashion industry is putting us all in a very bad position by promoting mostly anorexic models. Little girls aiming at what they see on TV do not understand the implications of such a life. I am glad to see that there are retailers starting to expand their products of plus-size lines like Asos, H&M and now, Mango. Of course, the high-end fashion designers won’t move a finger in this direction since they need human hangers, not models for presenting their clothes.

Here are some pictures of the newly launched line, Violeta by Mango. It comprises 400 pieces with the promise of adding new ones each season. It is designed for a modern woman who is confident in her own skin. Featuring this campaign is the Australian model Robyn Lawley who is looking absolutely gorgeous! The clothes are available in selected stores from Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands, Russia and Germany and can be bought in sizes up to 56!

Way to go, Mango!















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