Ohsawa Detox Diet – Day 3

//Ohsawa Detox Diet – Day 3

Day 3

What did i eat:



I tried so hard to eat some boiled rice, but i just could not. Then i tasted a bit of boiled millet, but again, i just could not eat anymore. I was feeling hungry, but had no appetite.


I made some bread bites from wheat flour and buckwheat, they turned out to be delicious and it was the only thing i could enjoy eating all day. I think its because they were crunchy.


I ate rice noodles soup, but although i used to really like this soup, i could barely eat it, it had like a bitter taste i have not tasted before.


I had some very crispy pancakes made of wheat flour and buckwheat, like 2-3 pieces.

How did i feel:

I was pretty frustrated most of the day, because i had no appetite and although i stopped craving pizza, shawarma, KFC, langos…i was craving sweets, chocolate. And of course having my family not supporting me with my decision on doing this detox, was not helping. I cannot say my energy level was down, i was pretty energetic, and when i felt i was tired i slept for an hour and it was super refreshing.


I am happy that my rash almost disappeared. Whereas body shape, my thighs got a skinnier shape and i am in awe for that, i have not seen my thighs like this in 8-9 months, so pretty pretty happy.

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