Ohsawa Detox Diet – Day 4

//Ohsawa Detox Diet – Day 4

Day 4

What did i eat:


My boyfriend was trying to cook rice in the Dry Cooker (which is amazing, i have it for more than 2 years and everything i cook in it turns out great) but he totally forgot about it, so instead of boiled rice, we got crispy baked rice –AMAZING! I loved the taste so much, i ate 2 bowls of it.


Again, my boyfriend did the shopping yesterday and he found Crispy Millet and it has an amazing taste – you know already i love crispy things – so i ate a few spoons of it.


I prepared a new recipe, rice soup with wheat flour dumplings. It turned out pretty good, but i need to work on my dumplings, they had an awful shape, maybe i did not put enough wheat flour in the mix.


Made our favorite bread bites from wheat flour and buckwheat and we ate like 2 dozens total.

How did i feel:

I woke up with a strong appetite and full of energy! I was impressed by that. My cravings were almost gone, i would think of things i would like to eat and i would say ‘nee, not in the mood for that’ – awesome, my brain is leaning to make better choices already! I noticed that somewhere in the middle of the day i get a little bit tired, so i sleep for an hour or two – but i do recommend sleeping only 20-30 minutes, but i cannot always follow my own advice.


My rash completely disappeared, my thighs are getting a really nice shape, my abs too – but the abs exercise and squat challenge helps a lot! I was not hungry and had plenty of energy throughout the day!

Because i noticed that some people are under the impression that Ohsawa Detox Diet is harmful for your body, because they think i am starving, everyday i will give nutritional information about one of the cereals that i eat, so people learn about their properties and stop pretending they know everything. Today i will talk about BUCKWHEAT.


And just a few of buckwheat’s health benefits:

1. Best source of high-quality, easily digestible proteins.

Meaning, vegetarians and vegans can use it as meat substitute. Also it is proven to reduce cholesterol, body fat, gallstones. Pretty impressive, right?

2. Fat alternative.

Buckwheat starch can also act as a fat alternative in processed foods.

3. Reduce high blood pressure.

4. Non allergenic.

Did you know that buckwheat hulls are used as pillow stuffing for those allergic to feathers, dust, and pollen? In case you are struggling with these allergies, now you have another alternative.

5. Good for diabetics.

According to Canadian researchers in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. And this is because it has a low glycemic index (54), lower than rice or wheat products and this way it lowers blood sugars.

6. Improves digestion.

According to Paul Pitchford in Healing with Whole Foods (1993):

“The properties of buckwheat are: Neutral thermal nature; sweet flavor; cleans and strengthens the intestines and improves appetite. Is effective for treating dysentery and chronic diarrhea.”

7. Does not require chemicals.

Because it grows so quickly, does not require chemicals!

8. Draws out excess fluid from your body.

Learn about a Buckwheat Plaster.

9. Buckwheat is a warming food.

Macrobiotics say it is a yang food and that is perfect for eating in the cold winter months.

10. Buckwheat contains no gluten and is not a grain.

I was gluten free almost a year and had no idea about this. Funny, right? The things we think we know…

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