Ohsawa Detox Diet – Day 2

//Ohsawa Detox Diet – Day 2

Day 2

What did i eat:

My boyfriend cooked breakfast and he made boiled millet with salt. I started with 2 cups of water and then i could hardly eat half of what i had on my plate. For lunch, i made some buckwheat piuree with salt, but it was awful, i could not eat it, so i mixed it with wheat flour and made some pancakes instead. I was able to eat 2 of those and it was enough. For snacks i had expanded rice this time, it was like chewing paper, but i manged. A friend of mine, told me yesterday to make some rice noodles soup, so this is what i did for dinner and it was delicious, i ate 2 bowls of it and wanted some more, but there was none, my boyfriend ate it. -it was too good!

How did i feel:

I felt pretty sleepy and without energy all day long, but i cannot blame the diet alone, outside was cold and rainy and i just cannot stand this kind of weather. I had lots of cravings, i was daydreaming about my first day after finishing the diet, when i will be able to eat Romanian shawarma, pizza, KFC, langos with cheese and dill (i think is Romanian or Hungarian dish, extremely fat, but insanely delicious), honey and all sorts of sweets.


The only thing that i noticed tonight, was that i got a skin rash on my face, and i do not know if its because of that period of the month approaching or because of the diet. I did read somewhere that this is possible, because you are eliminating toxins in more than one way. I will wait till tomorrow to see what will change.

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