Iconic British Fashion Designers

//Iconic British Fashion Designers

Being in fashion transposes in everyday life in any possible way, we care about our jewellery, about our clothes, our bags, shoes and hair accessories and they help us to become a new person, compared to the one that woke up in her pink heart-patterned pyjamas. We have different areas of style and fashion designers dictate what we are going to wear every season much more than we think so. They not only dictate what their brand is going to do, but they dictate what everybody is going to wear, by the trends they are setting, trends that are copied by high-street brands for mass-audience.

We have all heard about Paris being THE capital of fashion, as we are all familiar with the innovators coming from there, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy etc. Paris was the place that dictated what the rest of Europe was going to wear, and it slowly became the place that dictated what everybody in the world was going to wear. Still, Britain is not that far behind. They have slowly advanced into being a very trendy country, with designers and labels such as Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and so on, they have lifted themselves into being trendsetters and London Fashion Week is the place to find the latest visionaries in terms of fashion, showcasing their art. In this article, I will choose a few British brands that are well-known all across the world and discuss all about the iconic British Fashion Designers.


The first chosen brand would be Burberry, because it screams Britain. It is a British heritage brand that would make anyone a true fashion victim. Why? Well, let me tell you two simple words: trenchcoat and chequers. Who does not know the Burberry trademark checkered material? And their trenchcoat?-talk about a famous garment. Ever since I have first heard of them, the trenchcoat is on my wish-list. They have very strong advertising campaigns, and their trademarks are visible from miles away. They sustain indie groups, and Christopher Bailey is a design genius, that knows what sells well and how to take advantage of that.

The Brits in fashion



Burberry adverts- chequers and trenchcoats


You cannot say United Kingdom without saying Alexander McQueen. His tartan, artfully made dresses and his skull-patterned scarves are just a few of the trademarks that he has brought on the market. He was a true fashion genius, that not only made garments, his catwalks were true works of art. They were just fascinating to watch over and over again. They would make fashion victims galore with the smallest detail, such as the ever-famous scarves or their jeans. Alexander’s brilliance will never be evened out by anybody else, but his soul stays with us through his concepts that he passed over to Sarah Burton.

The Brits in fashion


The famous skull-patterned scarf

The Brits in fashionAlexander McQueen working on a dress


I am pretty sure that her name resonates with another famous person, namely, her father, Paul McCartney, but I am not here to talk about him or The Beatles, but about his wonderful daughter, Stella. Another brilliant British fashion designer, making us long for her quirky-fruit-patterned garments and her beautiful bags and accessories. Besides, creating this mesmerizing, cute and quirky universe, she is all about sustainable fashion, so, honestly, what could you ask more of her? She is just perfect to turn you into the most exciting and wonderful fashion victim alive!

The Brits in fashion


Stella McCartney advert

The Brits in fashionStella McCartney citrus- patterned clothes


Because we are in winter, and because I am a huge fan o weird and wonderful hats, I had to include Philip Treacy, the millinery genius that creates the quirkiest, most creative and beautiful hats I have ever seen in my whole life. He has this vision and does everything to the tiniest detail, but his hats look more than perfect. It is a whole hat- fashion victim moment going on with him and his artworks were spotted in the Royal Family, so, need I say more?

The Brits in fashion


Philip Treacy butterfly headpiece

The brits in fashionPrincess Beatrice’s headpiece for Kate and William’s wedding


A proclaimer of punk and a very crazy, outgoing person with orange hair, this is what Vivienne Westwood looks like. She makes me want to love punk and dress alike, even though, it is completely not my style! I love and adore what she does and how she continuously reinvents punk in certain aspects of all her collections. Another fashion genius that was given to the world by the Brits. Fantastic energy in all her catwalks, she is simply amazing.

The Brits in fashion


Vivienne Westwood catwalk

The Brits in fashionVivienne Westwood herself


And let’s not forget Paul Smith, the guy who wanted to be a cyclist, but an accident turned him into this down-to-earth, friendly, sociable and awesome fashion designer. He reinvents classic pieces and adds them his own turn, make sthen fun and adorable pieces, that anybody would wear, or could incorporate in their appearance. What’s not to love?

The Brits in fashion


Paul Smith himself

The Brits in fashionSuit- Menswear Fall/Winter 2014 

Stay tuned for next week’s article on the French!

Feature image: unsplash.com

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