Ohsawa Detox Diet – Day 1

//Ohsawa Detox Diet – Day 1

As a founder of Estilo-Tendances I made a promise to myself that i would do whatever it takes to help women worldwide to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. This being said, in the past months i have changed my life completely, changing all my habits and studying daily about improving my lifestyle. In the past weeks i have heard of Ohsawa Detox Diet, or Number 7 Detox Diet, and i have been amazed and it all sounded a little bit to good to be true and i first said ‘I will not try it, because i do not eat gluten!’ But, something in me shifted this past weekend and i made the decision to try it and tell people about it and how is it and what are the results. So, every day, for the next 10 days i will let you know about what i ate, how i felt and if there are any results.

When and how did Ohsawa Detox Diet started?

Let’s start with the name: Between 1893 and 1966 there was a man, called George Ohsawa who managed to cure his own disease – tuberculosis through his philosophy and more over his diet. This philosophy is called Macrobiotics and besides being a nutritional system is a lifestyle. It is about Yin and Yang, the two opposite forces that are embodying a universal principle. Macrobiotics are used in cures for many types of cancer, because through its process it reverses the cancerous process and eliminates disease.

What is Ohsawa Detox Diet?

First, i must say that are 10 good macrobiotics diets for different illnesses or lifestyles, i chose the most challenging one – Number 7.


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So, for the next 10 days i am allowed to eat only cereals, but not any kind of cereals. After my research, best Yang cereals are:

  • rice ( preferably integral or brown rice )
  • wheat
  • buckwheat
  • millet

Also, water (which is Yin) should be consumed in moderation, merely only when cooking. To hydrate however, you can drink up to 3 cups of Yang herbal teas, like organic mint tea. As for condiments, you are only allowed pure salt -sea salt preferably.

Besides what to eat, it is highly important how to eat. It is advised to chew each mouthful 50 or more times; chewing a lot each mouthful will make foods ‘more yang’.

You are also advised to be grateful, live happily and follow particular recommendations for lifestyle aspects regarding sleep, housekeeping, bathing, and exercise. Such advice includes the need for regular exercise, and the avoidance of radiation, synthetic fabrics and chemical fumes.

Why Ohsawa detox diet?

Every day, one tenth of certain blood cells are renewed in our body, that is why the duration of the diet is 10 days. So, during this diet, the entire blood supply is changed. Since this blood is formed out of what we eat, it is logical to presume, that 10 days of an intensive Yang diet, will change the very polar predominance of the blood and because blood irrigates all tissues of the body, including the brain, this will have a strong impact upon the entire being.The diet also allows the body to eliminate a great amount of toxins, that have been accumulated in the tissues.

I have read that if your body is full of toxins, during these 10 days you can actually lose 7 kg

[or almost 14 pounds] which is a lot, but it depends on individual metabolism.

I started it because i want to lose up to 3 kg [almost 6 pounds], get my skin, hair, nails healthier, get plenty of energy and detox from all the bad things that are in the air, water, groceries. 

To sum up: 10 days of eating as much as you want : rice, wheat, buckwheat, millet. Also you can add salt to it and minimum amounts of water. To stay hydrated drink 3 cups of mint tea, when thirsty.

Day 1:

What did I eat:

I started the morning with 2 cups of water, because i am used to drinking hot tea with lemon on an empty stomach, so this morning i was very thirsty. As brunch (i woke up late because i was up the nights before studying for my exam) i had boiled rice with salt. As a snack i had expanded wheat – 2 pieces.

For dinner i had boiled millet with salt – it was the first time i have tasted it, i never thought is human food until now.

As a snack, i made some ‘pancakes’: wheat flour with salt and water. They turned out delicious.

 How did i feel:

After my 3 h writing non stop exam, i came home very tired and lethargic. I ate and i was still feeling exhausted and i decided to watch a movie instead of sleeping. After the movie i had a meeting and i was still feeling fatigued, my energy level was pretty down, but i decided to eat some ‘pancakes’ so i made 2 and after that my level of energy went from 0 to 100%, it was amazing.


So far, i have not noticed anything, but i will mention my starting weight which is 56.8 kg, around 125 pounds.  Also, i am doing the squat challenge and some abs workout, so we need to keep this in mind.

Talk tomorrow!

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