Mirror Selfie Friendly: How to Design an Elegant Bathroom

//Mirror Selfie Friendly: How to Design an Elegant Bathroom
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Some people might just think of the bathroom as another room in the house, but to you, it’s your haven. It’s a place for you to relieve yourself, in all senses of the word. Not only is there the porcelain throne, but there’s also the shower or tub for you to clean yourself and soak away the stress of your days.

So you may want to transform your bathroom into a spa right inside the comforts of your home. If so, then here are some tips on how to get an elegant bathroom.

Purchase a Clawfoot Bathtub

We know, it’s so cliche, but how can you not? Take luxurious baths in a classy tub that can even fit your significant other in if you wanted.

This simple yet elegant bathtub can add a touch of charm to your bathroom. While most clawfoot bathtubs come in porcelain white, you can cater to your gothic side by going for a black one instead.

Also, you don’t have to go with all porcelain either. There are some designs out there that have porcelain bathtubs with metal feet, so you can get a nice color theme going on if you wanted.

Install a Magnificant Chandelier

You can’t have an elegant bathroom without the extravagant chandelier, can you? Install a beautiful crystal chandelier over your bathtub so you can dim the lights to however you want whenever you’re taking a relaxing bubble bath. Tilt your head back, look up, and revel in how amazing the crystal looks with the light.

Knock out Some Walls

If you feel like your bathroom is too cramped to be elegant, think about knocking out some walls to expand it. Perhaps your bathroom is located next to the guest bedroom that you barely use and is super spacious. Then you can utilize the space in there by absorbing it into the bathroom.

This is definitely not a DIY job since it involves wiring, water piping, and more. So before you embark on bathroom remodeling, get in touch with a contractor to see what they think. They might even be able to help you with some of the items on this list.

Hang up a Large Bathroom Mirror

Whether you have one sink or two, hanging up a large bathroom mirror can do wonders for the aesthetics. Since it bounces off both images and light, it can give the illusion of a larger space than you actually have.

If your bathroom is already spacious, you can still benefit from a large mirror. Small, individual mirrors for each sink can have the opposite effect and make your bathroom seem smaller. So no matter how big your bathroom is, you can’t go wrong with a large mirror.

Bring in a Custom Bathroom Vanity

Make good use of your space by purchasing a custom bathroom vanity. Here, you can keep all your bathroom items hidden away and out of sight, plus it houses your sink(s).

Depending on your personal taste, you can either go bold with one that’s embellished with crystal bars, or you can go classic with a dark oak vanity. There are so many styles and colors to choose from that no other bathroom will look like yours.

Make Use of Marble

Marble isn’t just for your countertops; you can also use it to upgrade your bathroom. While wood is also elegant, it’s not an ideal material to use in moist areas since it can absorb water and get damaged, as well as promote mold growth.

When you use marble in a bathroom, not only will it create a stunning look, but it’ll also provide surfaces that won’t deteriorate over the years. Marble is easy to clean, plus it won’t absorb water, so as long as you dry any excess water, it’ll stay in good condition.

Add Curtains

If you want a partition of privacy between your bathtub and the sink area, consider adding large curtains around the sides of your bathtub. Depending on the color themes you choose for them, it can either add a splash of color to your bathroom or add depth to the existing color theme.

Purchase an Ottoman

If you have enough space in your bathroom, you should add an ottoman in the middle, near your bathtub. Here, you can put down a tray of either your breakfast or bottles for your beauty regimen.

Then, after you’re finished with your bath, you can sit down to dry off and enjoy your breakfast slowly in the residual steam. Or, you can get to your beauty regimen straight away.

Install a Bidet

Whenever you check into a hotel, you know it’s a fancy one if it’s got a bidet in the bathroom. So why not take a page from their book and have one installed too?

Anyone who walks into your bathroom will know this is a classy house. Plus, it’s supposed to be better for you anyway.

Get a Rainfall Showerhead

These showerheads look like giant metallic sunflowers at the top of your shower room. Some can even be installed straight into your ceiling so it looks and feels like you’re taking a shower in the rain.

This can be a great investment if you enjoy taking showers with your significant other but hate that one person always has to stand outside of the stream in the cold. Rainfall showerheads are large and can cover enough area so two people can comfortably take a shower together. Think of it as an investment in your romantic life!

Get the Elegant Bathroom of Your Dreams

With all of our tips on creating an elegant bathroom, now you have all the information you need to turn your modest bathroom into one from your dreams. Even if you DIY most of it, it may still cost a pretty penny. So make sure you’ve got enough saved up before you get started, or else you’ll run into many obstacles along the way.

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