How to Protect Your Home From Hurricane Damage

//How to Protect Your Home From Hurricane Damage
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If your town gets hurricanes, then keeping your home safe is a priority. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), hurricanes are more likely to make landfall in September. However, the official Atlantic Ocean hurricane season runs from June to November.

Hurricanes produce high sustained winds of 74 mph or more, heavy rain, and flooding. Once winds reach 74 mph, the storm is considered a category one. A category five hurricane is catastrophic with winds of 157 mph or higher, according to the National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

But a hurricane’s category might shift throughout its lifetime. Therefore, it’s essential to protect your home and family. Hurricane damage could be minor or disastrous. Yet it’s up to you to ensure your house is safe.

Read along as we discuss ways to guard your home against fierce hurricanes.

Six Ways to Prevent Hurricane Damage

Whether you grew up in a hurricane zone or moved there later on, it’s crucial to know what to do before a storm strikes.

While a category five storm might damage your property even after taking necessary precautions, it could lessen the blow.

If a category five hurricane is targeting your area, it might be best to evacuate instead of riding out the storm. Staying in your home increases the need for rescuers to attempt to get you, and sometimes this isn’t possible until after the storm eases up.

So make the smart choice to prepare, but leave if necessary.

1. Landscape the Yard

Landscaping your yard reduces the chance of large bushes and trees toppling over onto your home. Tree branches loosen during high winds enabling them to fall onto the roof or fly through a window.

It’s also good to regularly clean the gutters to help water drainage.

2. Strengthen the Garage Door

No one wants their lawnmower, patio furniture, or car damaged by a hurricane. Adding girts to the back of the garage door and increasing the strength of the glider wheel tracks makes it difficult for wind to tear the door off.

If your garage also has a hinged door opening consider purchasing a steel door to guard your belongings.

3. Invest in Sturdy Doors and Windows

Individual states like Florida require the use of “impact glass”. Impact glass is a special impact-resistant glass made to withstand heavy winds and loose objects.

But even if your state doesn’t insist on the use of impact glass, it’ll decrease the risk of something breaking your window during the storm.

It’s also wise to install fiberglass doors because of their durability when the winds are high and flying objects are twirling around.

4. Replace The Roof

Living in a hurricane zone comes with the potential for property damage. Metal roofs sustain high winds and downpours, so they are an excellent option for hurricane proofing your house.

5. Get a Generator

Sitting in the dark during a scary storm isn’t enjoyable. Installing a generator ensures your home remains powered during extended periods of outages.

6. Flood Proof Your House

Water intrusion through doors, windows, and cracks might lead to severe damage. If you’re concerned a hurricane could flood your home, consider receiving flood proofing services.

Getting the interior and exterior of the house secure gives you peace of mind when bad weather occurs. To add even more protection, buy flood insurance for when disaster strikes.

Act Now

Storms develop fast during hurricane season. You don’t want to wait to take precautions. Hurricane damage can be costly, but taking the necessary steps could lessen the blow to your bank account.

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