Cheesy Romance Novels: Why Women Read Romance Novels

//Cheesy Romance Novels: Why Women Read Romance Novels
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When walking through your local bookstore or even grocery store, you may see a large section of romance novels. If you’re like many women, then this might be a section that you often frequent. 

On the other hand, you may be wondering why women are drawn to reading these types of novels. Well, there are many reasons women enjoy reading cheesy romance novels, and some of them even admit to them being cheesy! 

Keep reading to find out why women read romance novels and the benefits they get out of them. 

Transported to a New World

Just like when you were a little kid, you probably used your imagination when it came to playing with dolls are even action figures. When women read a romance novel, they are transported into a completely new world. Sometimes they may even feel like they’re apart of that new world and that can be a great feeling. 

This is also a great way for some women to relieve stress from their everyday life. When you’re in a different world surrounded by new and exciting people, then you tend to forget about all the stress in your real-life whether it is related to work or home life. 

They’re Easy to Read

One reason why many women read romance novels is that they’re easy to read and you can read them pretty fast. In fact, 46% of romance novel readers are able to read at least one romance book a week, sometimes even more. This is a huge number of books to read considering the average American only reads about five books a year. 

Belong to a Community

Another awesome thing about romance novels is that there is a huge community around them. You can find many other women on the internet or in real life who enjoy reading romance novels. This is appealing to women because it is something that they can relate to each other on and talk about. 

There are also plenty of romance book blogs where you can submit reviews or read other people’s reviews on romance novels. Book blogs are an awesome place to discuss different novels. You can even discuss your opinions on them with many different women around the world. 

Fantasize About Love

Romance novels are great for women who just love reading about love. Love is an intense emotion that hopefully all of us feel but sometimes reading about it can make it so much better. 

Fantasizing about love is a great reason for women to read romance novels. Reading about falling in love and being in love can fulfill a certain fantasy that a woman might have. 

Happy Endings

Another important element of romance novels is that they usually always have a happy ending. We don’t always experience happy endings in life but at least when women read a romance novel they tend to always get one!

Cheesy Romance Novels Are Great

When it comes to cheesy romance novels many women read them whether they would like to admit it or not. They’re a great escape from real life and can help women cope with stress from their daily lives. 

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