With Christmas over, New Year’s Eve plans are the talk of the town. However, this is one night of the year that isn’t a favourite for everyone. Whilst New Year’s can be sassy, exciting and outrageous, it can also be over planned and overthought. If you expect too much, you will only suffer disappointment. So, why do you even make plans? We always say that the best nights around are those without any plans, so why would New Year’s Eve be any different? Let’s see how to celebrate New Year’s Eve without a plan. Interested?

How To Celebrate New Year’s Eve Without Making Plans

Here are ten alternative ways to make your New Year’s Eve carefree, spontaneous and effortless, without giving it a thought in the world until the day.

#1 Hop on a plane

celebrate New Year's Eve

Instead of spending weeks planning an itinerary and every activity down to each crucial detail, why not make your way to the airport on December 31st and celebrate New Year’s Eve without a care in the world?

Just pop over to one of the sales booking desks and ask for a seat on any free flight and from then on your transition into 2016 is nothing but spontaneous. All you need are a few free days and a little bit of money put to one side. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up in Paris? Or Prague? Only time can tell.


#2 Take a wander into the city

celebrate New Year's Eve

Why not go for a midnight walk? This requires minimal effort and no outfit preparation. A winter’s walk as the clock strikes midnight can take you anywhere. While people will be out congratulating on the streets and parties will be overflowing, you never know where you might end up. People are carefree when it comes to New Year and you should be too.

#3 Invite your favourites around for a chilled night

This means no need to buy ridiculous amounts of alcohol and food. If you have nothing in and no plans when inviting them, that only triggers suggestions and ideas. These suggestions are where your night starts and where will it end. If you have the time you can do anything, so do just that.

#4 Write a list

celebrate New Year's Eve

Celebrating New Year isn’t always about going out partying and drinking. You can enter 2016 in whichever way you want when it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve.

  • What has gone well this year?
  • What could have been better?
  • What are the changes you are going to make to ensure the next year is your very best?

Write a list answering all these questions. When you read back and reflect, it will only give you feel good vibes. Even if you have had the worst year possible, the New Year is your fresh opportunity to start over so take pride and take a chance.

#5 Phone everyone you are thankful for

celebrate New Year's Eve

Who has made a big impact on your life over the last year? Who do you owe the most gratitude to? Sharing the love is most important as we leave last year behind. Time and time again we begin to understand who we need the most and who has been there for us, so thank them – it’s the best you could ever do.


#6 Go online shopping

celebrate New Year's Eve


New Year, new me, right? Look back at an array of style coordinates from the past year and evaluate them. Celebrate New Year ‘s Eve and start New Year with new things. It is always desirable.

Perhaps in 2016, you are going to dress smarter or even a little sassier? Bin the things you don’t need and are not worthy of a place in your wardrobe and buy new pieces of clothing. This is the most stylish way to enter the year.

#7 Set yourself goals

While New Year is all the talk, once Christmas has past it really is the 31st December where we think “Oh, is this year really over?”. Setting yourself some goals is everything. Your strive for success needs to be beyond your wildest expectations and outrageously ambitious – the harder you work for something, the closer you are to getting it.

#8 Break your tradition

celebrate New Year's Eve

What do you usually do on New Year’s Eve? Perhaps a few of your favourite films and take out? Well, do something different. Dress up, take a drive and do the unexpected. This requires no planning and the best nights are those that are never planned. Make new traditions and start the New Year from a whole different perspective in an instance.

#9 Sign up for a hobby

celebrate New Year's Eve

Whether it is the gym, your local dance class or a touch of golf (I know, you wouldn’t find me playing it either). Whether you think you will enjoy it or not you never know until you try, so do just that. The best ones are those that require a deposit because if you have made a contribution towards a joining fee, it is less likely that you will drop out at the last minute.

#10 Book a holiday

celebrate New Year's Eve

News Year’s Eve isn’t for everyone. Whilst personally I love going out and prefer it to Christmas, others find it a chore. Well, why not celebrate New Year’s Eve and spend your night planning a holiday? Now I know this isn’t technically a New Year’s Eve away from planning, it is still a way to celebrate.

By booking yourself a vacay, you not only have something to look forward to, but you will start the year off in the perfect way with that feel good vibe. Exactly what was ordered, yes?

How will you celebrate New Year’s Eve this year, darlings? Some like Christmas and some like New Years, but why not like both of them? Break away from that dreaded feeling you get knowing it is arriving, and you already anticipate boredom. This has all changed.

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