Another year has almost passed. What was like this year for you? Any special events? Any regrets? The clock is ticking and, in a few hours, it will almost be New Year’s Eve and, of course, you want to look fabulous. But what do you have to wear? I have for you some last minute fashion and beauty tips. They are ready to be used by women who don’t have any ideas regarding which makeup and which outfit to wear to New Year’s Eve.

Fashion and Beauty Tips for NYE

#1 Fashion Tips

When it comes to fashion, I’m pretty sure that a major “few” of us prefer online shopping rather than actually going into a shop and trying on clothes, thus wasting precious time. I get you. Online shopping has become a major industry and started to develop more and more. Maybe, in a few years, stores will close and we will be left just with the online. It will sure be a sad thing if it were to happen…

I have in mind some online shops that surely have a vast quantity of clothes for you to buy for this special occasion. Why not take a look?

One of the shops I recommend is Nordstrom. At the moment, they have a sale with discounts till 50 percent. If you click on the button ‘sale’ and then on the button ‘dresses’ you can find some beautiful dresses to wear on New Year’s Eve with a great discount. Of course, you also have dresses which are more expensive, but they are beautiful.

I prefer the dresses which aren’t discounted because there are a lot of more choices and they are more stylish for New Year’s than the dresses on sales. My favorite is the little, simple, black dress called ‘Renley Lace Fit & Flare Dress’.

This beautiful dress comes in various colors such as aubergine, black, evergreen, french blue, green envy, hula pink, ivory, lavender, navy, optic white, pink. The rich lace balances the flirty cut of a flouncy day-to-night dress.

Another fashion brand where you can buy beautiful dresses is ASOS. If you are about twenty years old then this is the best place to shop, because their target is 20-somethings. They sell more than 80.000 own-brand and branded products. The Guardian, FHM, and the Cosmopolitan France are very positive about ASOS.

At the moment, they have a special sale for dresses and shoes. You can buy a dress for fifteen euros. They also sell more luxury dresses, which are about hundred till five hundred euros. They sell casual dresses, but also more sexy dresses. Are you a student? That’s wonderful because you will get a discount of fifteen percent.

fashion and beauty tips


We are not done yet because I got a lot of more fashion and beauty tips prepared for you. This fashion tip is about a store that almost everyone knows, River Island.

Dresses, dresses and more dresses. Of course, River Island sells dresses, but what if you don’t want to wear a dress? River Island also sells jeans for and affordable price. They sell jeans in different colors like black, blue and white. Besides jeans they sell a lot of different kinds of skirts: long, short, black, blue, leather, stripes and more. For everyone there is something. Curious? Go visit their website and don’t forget to hit the sale button.

If you’re not a fan of New Year’s Eve and you hate dressing up and going to restaurants or in a club, you could try this dress: it’s not elegant, it’s not sporty. It’s just casual and maybe great for your taste. Just think about it.


Another great option when it comes to online shopping and fashion tips is definitely H&M.  It is also a good opportunity to find your party outfit. It could be a dress or something more casual. As you have probably noticed, there are sales everywhere. For this cold season, there are a lot of jackets you can buy, one of my favorites is the Lyoccell Trenchcoat, which is just fifty bucks. Unfortunately, if you are as short as me, this jacket won’t fit you. But if you are tall, this is the perfect match. If you are short, I would buy the Pea Coat. This one is seventy bucks.

The nicest thing of the H&M is that the clothes are affordable and they sell almost everything. For New Year’s Eve, you could wear a dress, but a jumpsuit also looks very nice and more versatile. My favorite jumpsuit is the ‘’Halterneck Jumpsuit’’, which you can buy for just sixty bucks. The party dresses are classy and fabulous; you can choose one with glitter or without. If you are tall, I would go for the ‘’Long Sequined Dress’’. If you are short I would buy the ‘’Lace dress’’.

 “Open-back jumpsuit in lightly crêped woven fabric. Beading at neck, ties at back of the neck, and seam at waist with box pleats at front. Side pockets, wide, flared legs, and back zip”.

This is a “short, fitted lace dress with a seam at the waist and long sleeves. Lined at the top of the bodice at the front and in the skirt”.

Here is my last online store I have in mind for you. The name of the shop explains everything: Forever 21. This shop sells budget clothes for 21-ish woman. Of all the web shops I wrote about in this article, this is the cheapest one. I regularly buy my clothes there, because they are nice and cheap.

I’ve never bought clothes in the online store because there’s one around the corner. But if this shop isn’t around your corner, you can buy them in the webshop. Maybe the quality is not as good as you think, but if you are looking for a New Year’s Eve dress, it’s perfect.

I prefer the ‘’Sequined Shift Dress’’ – a beautiful, pale pink short dress, which I find to be perfect for a special occasion such as this one, but if you want to keep it more simple, I would buy the ‘’ V-Neck Bandage Dress’’. If you’re tired of a classic dress, then ditch it for a bandage one. It is the perfect alternative for New Year’s Eve and a hot one, too.

fashion and beauty tips

Forever 21

fashion and beauty tips

Forever 21

#2 Beauty Tips 

I already gave you some fashion tips for New Year’s Eve and, hopefully, it helped, so now, I’m going to give you some beauty tips for the last night of the year. Let’s make it a beautiful one. You definitely heard of the lip challenge of Kylie Jenner. Most people who did try this ended up with bleeding lips. So how do you get those perfect lips without bleeding?

fashion and beauty tips

First, you have to apply lip liner along the outside of your lips. Choose a color that fits you, ask a make-up specialist in the shop nearby you. After using the lip liner, you need the lipstick to fill in your lips between the lines of the lip liner. After that, you are done with your lips.

I know a lot of girls use foundation, I prefer not to, because, in my opinion, it’s bad for your skin. If you are planning to use foundation, choose the right color. Because it’s winter, your skin will probably be lighter. So don’t use the same foundation as you use in the summer. If I were you, I would ask some advice from the make-up specialist in your store. You don’t want to look orange, right? After using the foundation, you could apply some blush for a healthy look.

fashion and beauty tips

If you want to draw all the attention to your eyes, I would use fake eyelashes. You can buy them in every make-up store. If you want to have a more extraordinary look, you can go for eyelashes with a little glitter on them. Good eyelashes can be expensive, but if you are planning to only use them for a few times, ten euro is all you need.

Because it’s New Year’s Eve, sparkles are a must-have. There are a lot of eyeshadows with glitter in it, now it’s the chance to buy one and put an accent on your gorgeous eyes!


My work here is done. I hope you have a lovely time this last day of 2015. Make it a special one. Whether you decide to celebrate in style or not, there are plenty of fashion and beauty tips for New Year’s Eve, just waiting for you to try them (on). Don’t be shy, experiment and have fun!

I wish you a Happy New Year and may the new year bring you peace, love and joy, and a great deal of successes!

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