Winter is the time when our body and skin need the most care and hydration we can provide. A nourished skin leads to a healthy looking body, which leads to a happy and glowing you. Am I correct? Every woman should know at least a couple of anti-aging secrets, that she has “inherited” from her mother and her mother’s mother and so on. We, often, come across in magazines, on TV or in real life on some beautiful ladies and wonder ourselves which are their beauty and anti-aging secrets, what on Earth are they doing to look like that and how do they pull it off.

Questions, questions, questions…

I’m thinking it’s all about how motivated you are to not just look great, but also feel great, on the inside. I think that feeling great and happy on the inside is what makes you glow on the outside. So, I have thought on some essential beauty and anti-aging secrets that, if we make use of them in a constant way, will do nothing but enrich our daily feel by softening and hydrating our bodies, by putting a real shine and strength on our hair and nails, by making us be and feel healthy every day. Sounds great, right?

Let’s take a look and see which are these secrets!

12 Anti-Aging Secrets 

#1 Drink water

Always, and I mean ALWAYS, hydrate yourself. It’s the most important thing. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. It may seem a lot, but you don’t have to drink all of it in a moment. You have a whole day and night to do it. Why? Water is what keeps you healthy: maintains the temperature of your body, removes waste, helps your heart and muscles, transports nutrients to your body, improves your skin and makes it look flawless. It has zero calories and helps you lose weight. 

When I was thinking about the anti-aging secrets topic, my first thought was “don’t forget to drink plenty of water!”.

anti-aging secrets

#2 Remove your makeup

My second very important anti-aging secret is to remove the makeup, daily, and we’re not talking just about winter here. Why? It is important to do this every single day if you want to have a clean and pure complexion, pimple and blackheads free. Just remember that your face also needs to breathe and this is the best way to do it. Remove your makeup after every single party you go to. This is one of the first and best beauty lessons anyone of us is lucky to get while young and understand why it is important.

#3 Sleep enough

A good night sleep is what recharges you and makes you feel better the next day. A good night sleep banishes your under-eye circles. A good night sleep hides all signs of fatigue and rests your face and body. Beyond these, a good night sleep represents an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and is important for your mind, body and soul. It relieves stress, it improves memory, it improves the quality of life, it boosts creativity, it sharpens attention and keeps your mind focused. So, yes, I can stay that sleeping enough is an important anti-aging secret.

anti-aging secrets

#4 Pamper your eyes

I came to realize that the eyes are a very important part when talking about anti-aging secrets. Why? The area around them is very sensitive and fine and it’s a place where wrinkles and fine lines form easily. You can learn a few simple anti-aging tips in order to make your eyes look bigger and brighter and to boost circulation in that area, preventing wrinkles from showing. Massaging the area daily, with oils such as avocado, jojoba, almond, coconut or sesame will keep the skin hydrated and will prevent wrinkles from appearing since most of these oils have anti-aging properties. 

#5 Workout

Exercising is what keeps your body young and healthy, from the inside to the outside. It may not seem that way, but exercising is also an important anti-aging secret. It prevents your body from aging prematurely. Use your body the best way you can and strengthen your muscles in order to have and to keep a firm and toned skin. Working out improves posture. It also improves your health condition, the immune system and the quality of life. There is are a whole range of activities you can do, not just indoor activities if you’re not a fan of those. You just have to work it. It’s winter, so, there are plenty of winter activities to do and have fun while doing them.


Take care of your body so it can take care of your health!

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#6 Stop eating sugar

Yes, I know, the holidays and Christmas are right about the corner, which means that all sorts of cookies and cakes and sweets will be on the table. I didn’t say not to eat or taste a bit, but it’s best you limit your sugar crave. Why? You know it’s not healthy. Sugar is the worst. Plus, there are tons of other recipes for desserts which do not involve sugar, so you can eat sweets and stay healthy. You will see that sugar CAN be replaced with honey, maple or agave syrup, stevia in order to have a more healthy and aging free dessert.

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#7 Eat healthy

There are a lot of healthy habits that can slow down and prevent the aging process. They don’t call them “anti-aging secrets” for nothing. A proper nutrition can help you stay young for a longer time, that’s why it is important to benefit from fresh fruit and vegetable daily, and include them in our every meal, one way or the other, fresh or cooked. Eat all the greens and citrus you can, they are filled with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. And when I’m talking about antioxidants, you know I’m talking about superfoods which have anti-aging properties such as all types of berries, avocado, nuts, grapes, green tea. The more, the better.


So, instead of eating just desserts and processed food during the holidays, maybe you will remember how much of a difference will make a fresh fruit.

anti-aging secrets

#8 Use an anti-aging face cream

Stress, smoking or alcohol, all, leave signs and lines on your face, then on your body. It’s not ok to just go and buy an anti-aging face cream and hope it will magically solve things. No. You also have to reduce and then forget all these harmful habits and try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Only this way, you will be able to see improvements on your skin. Persistence is the key.

#9 Exfoliate

Exfoliate, especially in the winter. Because the process of cell regeneration slows down as we age, it’s important to exfoliate in order to remove all the dead cells and uncover new ones. This way, by using body lotions and oils, the skin will be fully hydrated and will have a healthy glow. And because it’s affordable, the best way to exfoliate is by using natural products such as coffee grounds or white sugar – since it’s not healthy.

#10 Meditation

We should meditate at least 10 minutes a day, not jut in winter, but every time we can. Why is this important? Meditation reduces stress, improves sleep and health. Studies show that meditation can also prevent the aging process if it is done regularly. It is extremely beneficial  and lets you calm down your mind, find your inner self, be happier and less stressed.

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#11 Use SPF

As we all know, skin is and will always lead a battle against the sun. Even in the winter. The skin is the first one to show signs of aging. Using a sunscreen is, now, more important than ever. It’s one of the anti-aging secrets we can’t live without. Many don’t understand the importance of practicing “safe sun”, which is not to stay under direct sunlight during 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Fine line, marks, spots and wrinkles will appear sooner than expected and it’s better to prevent now than try to fix later.

This is one of the most crucial anti-aging secrets that I know.

#12 Green tea

Green tea contains some of the most powerful antioxidants which help slow down premature aging. There isn’t enough space and time to describe the benefits of the pure green tea. It has skin-protective qualities, it fights against several health problems and disorders, it brings peace and joy to your heart. It helps your healthy inner self-reflect on your body and mind.

Enjoy a cup of green tea every once in a while or every day, if you want to see a difference.


anti-aging secrets

Now that you’ve checked out my 12 anti-aging secrets, what will you do this winter? Will you try some of them? Will you make a habit of others? Regardless of what you decide, remember that we have one body, OUR body, and we must take care of it the best we can. There is always something more to be done, that’s why it’s important not to give up.

As the famous Coco Chanel once said, You only live once, you might as well be amusing.

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