When it comes to earrings, many of us don’t even give them a second glance, but why? Whenever we talk ‘statement’, for example how to wear statement earrings or statement necklaces, everyone thinks experimental and daunting. Whilst this may be true, our style is in a consistent development and it would be wrong to relegate ourselves to the boundaries of our own comfort zone forever. While experimenting with your style may be something you dread rather than desire, the ability to do so with jewellery is somewhat a failed proof.

Statement earrings can make an outfit, but they can’t break it, so it’s important to know how to wear statement earrings. These can only add perfection to your already fabulous look. Perhaps you are wearing black. If your outfit goes unnoticed, your jewellery attracts the attention and immediately your style and fashionista status is plunged into the spotlight. Let’s check out a few ideas that will inspire your outfits for Christmas.

Might I add that a beautiful pair of statement earrings could represent a trendy Christmas gift for your girl friends?

How To Wear Statement Earrings

#1 The Hoop

Wear with

Leather pants and a killer blow-dry.

If you are going for rock chick vibes and are going to spend Christmas at home, with family, hoops are your go-to and the bigger they are, the better. Paired with a deep smoky eye makeup, flawless lengthy eyelashes and a choker, you will have unleashed your inner persona.

Whilst this is edgy, it is also effortless, perfect for home. A generous size hoop does all the explaining so you don’t have to. Also, a contemporary twist on the hoops may be just the thing you need to put an accent on your ears.

Women’s Lana Jewelry ‘Small Upside Down’ Diamond Hoop Earrings

Lana Jewelry Large Flat Hooked on Hoops

#2 The Drop

Wear with

A floor length dress and an updo.

Back to high society, the drop earring represented everything, especially during this coming awards season. With a sleek pinned updo, your ears are on show so its time your earrings make a statement.

The drop is a very particular length, you never want anything too short or too long but rather in between. These earrings need to fall perfectly in between your chin and shoulder to exemplify your finest facial features. Wear them for a simple yet eye-catching look. You will fall in love with it.

Women’s Nordstrom Disc Drop Earrings

Robert Lee Morris Soho Two-Tone Disc Drop Earrings

#3 The Chandelier

Wear with

A mini dress and braids.

Whilst staying with a formal and classic vibe it is the chandelier that I will forever call my favourite. Chandelier earrings are over exaggerated, glamorous and contain as many stones as possible. Here we are talking Hollywood glamour with a touch of fun and sass. Braids are perfect to add to that bold and exaggerated look.

These fail proof jewellery staples can never be outshone. They can offer you the perfect modern style or a stunning vintage-inspired look. Chandelier earrings represent the perfect finishing touch.


ASOS Crystal Flower Statement Earrings

how to wear statement earrings

@Asos (US)

ASOS Occasion Drop Earrings – Black

how to wear statement earrings

@Asos (US)

Givenchy Crystal Chandelier Clip on Earrings

#4 The Stud

Wear with

Booties and a sleek ponytail.

When you’re dominating the city during the Winter months, your outfit is always sure to be on point. To me, the stud statement earrings are more Georgina Sparks than Blair Waldorf. This is the off-duty style at its very finest.

Wearing your boldest and biggest studs with a sleek hairstyle presents polished perfection, not only demonstrating you’re on point beauty brilliance but also that jewellery trends are your forte. Sleek and sophisticated are the two words that describe them best.

Women’s Kendra Scott ‘Elaine’ Stud Earrings

Sterling Silver Onyx Vintage Oval Stud Earrings


#5 The Ear cuff

Wear with

An off-shoulder dress and hair to one side.

When it comes to statement, this is the most daring one for me. I have a love-hate relationship with the ear cuff. While I discuss trends constantly and experimenting, I feel a little scared by embracing the ear cuff, that was until now. What used to be considered the edgiest accessory around has now entered a new realm of sophistication.

I adore this divine gold wrap around ear cuff which can be worn day to day or even as a technique to add something a little sassier to the most formal of attire. Ear cuffs are also perfect with formal updos.

Punk gold-plated ear cuff

Diamond Leaf Ear Cuff Earrings

Women’s Jules Smith Ear Cuff & Studs

#6 Mismatch

Wear with

A mini dress and sleek straight hair

When it comes to statement earrings this is a relatively new trend. Whilst mismatch was one category of earrings I had never really thought much about, I completely underestimated its presence. These are ultimately chic and give off those girls next door vibes – not many can attempt this and succeed.

If we are to admit tingly, these aren’t for everyone, but they are available in an unprecedented array of designs, so we need to try all of them right? If you want to add a little bit of intrigue to your personality, then mismatch earrings are your go-to.

ASOS Statement Shapes Mismatch Earrings

how to wear statement earrings

@Asos (US)

ASOS Sterling Silver Triangle Mismatch Earrings – Silver

how to wear statement earrings

@Asos (US)

Elizabeth and James – Marisol Mismatched Earrings

Yes, the statement earrings can be worn no matter your personal style. You can wear them from rock to casual to elegant, according to the event you are about to go. For Christmases spend with your family and dear ones, you can wear hoops, drops, studs. I’ll leave the chandeliers, mismatches and ear cuffs for more “outside” events.

They are daring, daunting and delicious and how to wear statement earrings depends only to you. While we adore being draped in jewellery, we can often get set in our ways and unwilling to try new trends. This is where it needs to change. If you are looking head to toe flawless anyway, don’t you wish to add that extra sparkle and accessory to pave your way to the top of every best-dressed list? Now you have all the reasons to try them and see how they fit.

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Feature image: Nordstrom

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