Christmas is coming to town! That means you have to prepare the perfect dinner under a lot of pressure. Unfortunately, most of the food that people eat during Christmas dinner is unhealthy. So, what do you have to do if you want organic and healthy food? I have all the answers you seek. Today, I made a list of the best organic food brands to buy for Christmas, which, clearly, won’t disappoint you. Let’s take a look and see them!

Best Organic Food Brands

#1 Planet Organic

One of the best organic food brands, Planet Organic, has a special Christmas shop with the finest, most original and spectacular Christmas treats, which are organic and healthy. This organic food brand sells gluten free Christmas pudding, but also gluten free Christmas cake for a healthy dessert. Besides healthy desserts, they also sell organic drinks! You can already buy a bottle of organic Prosecco for £11.50 and organic Vodka for £38.99.

There’s one thing that certainly is important and those are the gifts. Planet Organic sells organic gifts like raw chocolate, organic chocolate pralines and boxes of raw snacks, gluten free food, and organic drinks.

The Luxury Christmas Hamper – £100.00

The Ultimate Gluten Free Hamper – £110.00

The Ultimate Raw Foodist Hamper – £110.00

 #2 Riverford

One of the best organic food brands which have a whole collection of organic food for Christmas is Riverford. The nicest thing about this web shop is that you can buy dinner boxes. They are 100% organic and you can order them just with one click. The benefit of a dinner box is that you don’t have to buy all products one by one, this is the easy way to do Christmas Day. The Christmas dinner box contains Christmassy veg, cranberry sauce, 12 legendary mince pies, a 900g Christmas pudding and 1kg clementines. And last, but not least, a buttery Pimhill oatcakes and award-winning Cropwell Bishop stilton. Serves for six persons for only £55.00. You can also order other food besides the dinner box.

For more meat sorts for Christmas dinner, you can visit the web shop. Riverford also sells organic desserts. The cheapest organic sweet treat is a chocolate bar of 100g for £2.25. The most expensive treat you can buy is the Christmas pudding 900g for £17.45. Besides all the food, there is also a big collection of organic soft drinks and organic drinks with alcohol. A package of 24 ginger beers costs £34.35. All sort of juices, think of lemonade, raspberry, apple and orange juice, are per bottle about £3.00. The Christmas mixed case of 6 bottles of wines is £62.05.

Christmas Dinner Box – £55.00

Top Notch British Cheese Box – £30.00

#3 Daylesford

Do you want your products grown, raised and made by hand by a farm? Then one of the best organic food brands to buy these products is Daylesford. They are the perfect choice for your Christmas! The products are 100% organic and made at a farm in Cotswolds, an area in south-central England. Daylesford makes products for every season and every holiday. They sell boxes with food, drinks, and gifts. The most luxury box you can order is the “‘Daylesford big day hamper’’ for £457.06. This box contains Rose de Leoube, Quince liquor, organic sparkling apple juice, organic Scottish smoked salmon and more.

Besides the boxes, you can buy products separately. An organic fruit and nut Christmas cake of 1.4kg costs £30.00. The price of an organic Christmas pudding of 900g is £20.00. For dinner, you can buy an organic bronze turkey of 6kg for £95.00. You can also buy gifts at the shop, like an organic advent calendar for £10.00.

Daylesford Big Day Hamper – £457.06

Cotswold Crate – £186.78

#4 Eversfield Organic

Eversfield Organic is also one of the best organic food brands where you can buy your food for Christmas. Eversfield Organic is a family run business that delivers the finest grass fed organic meat online to households throughout the United Kingdom for twelve years now. They won different awards; their key is high animal welfare. All of their animals are treated in a caring and stress-free way.

Eversfield Organic sells boxes, just like the other brands. That’s very handy because you don’t have to buy your products at different stores. An organic goose, a bronze turkey, an organic duck, etc. They sell all sorts of meat you can think of. Besides all the meat, you can also buy organic cheese, organic soups, organic chutneys and preserves, organic vegetable boxes from £11.85 till £19.85.

Mini Vegetable Box – £11.85

Large Vegetable Box (Potato and Parsnip Free) – £19.85


#5 Eden Foods

Eden Foods is another great organic food brand that sells a lot of organic breakfasts. So, do you want an organic breakfast for Christmas? This organic food brand will be the perfect choice. Besides organic breakfast they also sell a lot of organic snacks, called ‘’Eden Pocket Snacks’’. The sort of snacks they sell are nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. The snacks don’t have refined sugars, chemical additives, and sulfites. They also are all low sodium, kosher and Gluten Free.

Michigan Basket – $40.00

Gluten Free Sampler Basket – $28.00


Sushi Basket – $52.00

#6 Food for life

Another organic food brands to buy for Christmas. Food for life is a Baking Company. This organic food brand sells, buns, cereal, bread, pasta, waffles, English Muffins, tortillas, Vegan Meats and pocket bread. This organic food brand takes the time to sprout the grains in almost all of their products. The other organic food they sell contains more than 18 grains and seeds from all over the world.

Their quote is “Being aware and respecting what your body needs and requires is not a stigma, it’s a way of living a healthier more active life – and we are here to support you on your journey’’.

7 Sprouted Grains – Cinnamon Raisin Bread
Brown Rice Tortillas

#7 Sunshine Burger

Also, a great organic food brand is Sunshine Burger. This organic food brand sells burgers, which are crafted with nutritious, flavorful, and organic whole food ingredients. Sunshine Burger makes soy-free veggie burgers. They sell Garden Herb burgers, Quarter Pound veggie burgers, the “Loco Chipotle” burger, falafel and more. Do you love burgers and you want them to be organic? This organic food brand is the best option because it is organic and healthy. A perfect choice for your organic Christmas dinner.

#8 Big Tree Farms

Big Tree Farms is a newcomer on the organic food market. This is one of the newest best organic food brands. Big Tree Farms works directly with thousands of small farmers, they also help them to improve their livelihoods. This organic food brand sells fair trade products, products that are good for the farmer himself too.

They sell special products like coconut sugar, a perfect ingredient for your Christmas dessert. This product is special because coconut palm sugar has one of the highest nutrient contents of any sweeteners and is one of the most sustainable sweeteners in the world. Besides coconut sugar, this organic food brand also sells coconut hydro, an alternative to shipping coconut water, and raw cacao.

Coco Hydro

Cacao Powder

#9 Tofurky

One of the best organic food brands to buy your Christmas dinner from is Tofurky. This brand creates products which are healthy and good for your vitality. This organic food brand exists for thirty years. All of their food is vegetarian and affordable, too. The products they sell are vegan, kosher and made with organic tofu and organic soybeans.

Their goal is to ‘’please their costumers, not Wall Street”. One disadvantage is that their pizzas contain questionable ingredients. There’s an interesting article on the website about dietary choices. If you want to eat vegan for Christmas, visit their website!

Tofurky Feast


#10 Theo Chocolate

Do you want a delicious snack for Christmas that comes from one of the best organic food brands? Then you have to try the organic food brand Theo Chocolate. Besides the fact that their website looks adorable, they sell a lot of locally made chocolate bars, vanilla bars, caramel bars and a lot of other delicious stuff for an affordable price.

They also have gift collections, maybe a good present for that family member who is addicted to chocolate? They use organic cocoa beans as an ingredient for their chocolate bars.

Theo Greetings Gift Collection – $41.99

Theo Favorites Gift Collection – $29.99

Now that you’ve seen our list of top choices regarding healthy food, you should start making a plan and choose what to eat for Christmas, and also how to eat it. Staying healthy is what’s important today and I assure you there are plenty of options where these came from. Just check their websites and start shopping!

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