We talk a lot about the products we use for our hair, our face, our body, our nails, our makeup but when it comes to our special area ( you know what I am talking about) no one really dares to take a ride downtown, in public.

It is a lot of shame, ickiness, and anxiety when dealing with this topic, which I find narrow-minded and immature. We all have a special area and we all care for it, one way or another.  After you have reached puberty, knowing how to care for your intimate skin is as important as flossing, so why not talk more about it?

We have amazing bodies, all perfect by nature and if we really want to love ourselves, this special part of our bodies must be included. I am not saying that all your friends on Facebook should know how you trim your intimate area, but I want to allow a safe space for you to talk freely, with other healthy women, about this important issue, related to caring for your special skin type.

I was born in an environment where you do not talk about certain things, we just pretend like we know how everything gets done without proper knowledge – crazy, I know! This is why, I was always embarrassed to talk with anyone about shaving, waxing or using special products. It was too personal, so no one would have to know. At the same time, I was not doing the right things since I had no comparison and was ashamed to ask my friends about it – who were just as scared as I was, perfect combo!

  • Do we need to clean out our special area?

How do you care for your area down there? femfresh

Like with any part of your body, you sweat, meaning toxins are excreted through your skin to detox the body. Since you do not want toxins laying on your skin, creating more toxins, which eventually start to stink or even create infections, you want to clean it out.

At the same time, our body was perfectly designed to clean itself, so for a healthy body, you only need to clean the exterior and not the interior – that takes place by itself.

  • How can I clean my special area?

How do you care for your area down there? femfresh 2

Whatever you do, do not use soap. Since it is a special area, it does require a special attention. You cannot use your normal shower gel to wash all over, you need something else.

Your vulva has a lower pH than the rest of your body, this is why you should use some product that has a similar pH. Most women use just water, which is fine too. Cleaning it daily with warm water is a much better choice than not doing it at all, or cleaning it with soap.

However if you want more pampering, if you might want to smell better and just feel better about your special area – you might have a date, or you might be so in love with yourself that every bit of you needs a proper care – I recommend using a special product.

I’m fairly new to feminine hygiene products, I’ve always just used water, but I recently received a package from femfresh that has been so eye opening to what I was missing that had to be shared with you.

So what is femfresh? I found out they are the no.1 in intimate skin care in the UK and have 40 years of expertise, which made me curious to try them out. I started using it daily and since then I have not felt fresher, everywhere. I love it so much, that sometimes I use it on my whole body – it is so sensitive, that my overall skin is healthier, in fact I believe is much better than other shower gels which contain too many chemicals.

For a delicate skin product to be taken into consideration, these 2 criterias must be considered:

1. To be dermatologically tested.
2. To be gynaecologically tested.

femfresh has  both, so it passed the test.

  • What do I personally use for my shower regime?

How do you care for your area down there? femfresh 3

You must understand, showering is a like a spiritual practice for me, is where I leave all my negativity and reborn. it might sound weird, but the water purifies and cleans not only the skin but also my mind and all the energy I have gathered throughout the day – yes, my shower moment is at night. I love going to bed fresh, clean and with a clear mind.

After soaking in hot water for a while and decluttering my thoughts, I then use my natural sponge and a normal shower gel for the whole body and a special kind for my intimate area – now, femfresh; and skin brush my whole body, starting from the feet up. Skin brushing makes the lymph circulates, detoxing the body and eliminating all the toxins, water retention and cellulite accumulated throughout the day or a lifetime.

Usually, every 5 days I need to shave, so I am taking my eos shaving cream – pomegranate raspberry smell, get rid of all the unwanted hair and after I am all cleaned up, because I hate applying moisturizer I made my own oil. While under running water, I oil myself with a mixture of coconut oil, tea tree oil, lavender essential oil and jojoba oil. Stop the water and voila, I am clean inside and out and I have a smooth, moisturized skin, free of chemicals, plus the lavender smell puts me to sleep in 5 seconds.

  • What other products can you use for your area down there?

How do you care for your area down there? femfresh 4

  • You can use the everyday shower gel, which I also use. My favorite is Ultimate Care SoothingWash, because it has a probiotic complex, enriched with cranberry and cornflower extracts.
  • For your rather wet days, I suggest the talc-free Re-BalancePowder.
  • When you have a long day: work, gym, dinner party or you are traveling, I recommend femfresh Freshening & Soothing Cloths. They are enriched with freshening calendula and soothing mallow extracts.
  • For a very quick fix, there is even a femfresh Ultimate Care Active Fresh Deodorant – I was literally blown away to see the existence of such product, but there is one for every need.

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 This article was sponsored by femfresh.

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