Darlings, are you seeking some healthy hair secrets and carefree fabulous locks from the moment you wake up? Me too, me too. From the likes of that divine Kate Middleton blow dry to Kendall Jenners glow, ensuring your hair is healthy is key to its success. Too often do we straighten, curl and place the most damaging products into our hair and that’s without even a mention of colour. Whilst we may consider these necessary, in the long term they can have the opposite effect leaving your hair weak, tangled and unmanageable.

Here I give to you seven of my healthy hair secrets that will make sure your fabulous locks have that killer glow, voluminous height and that perfect presence.

Healthy Hair Secrets

healthy hair secrets

#1 Washing Your Hair

From my own experience I know how it goes, once you begin to wash your hair all the time you just cannot stop. If there is one single most important secret I can share with you is that you should NOT wash your hair every day. Not only does washing your hair every day fade any colouring you may have in it, it also makes your hair prone to greasiness that is a little less Kim Kardashian sleek and a little more of a nightmare. Should you find yourself in the habit and then on occasion are unable to fulfil your hair care routine, your hair will not adapt as easily as you would like.

Personally, I wash my hair every two days meaning it has a good balance between being over-washed and dirty.

#2 Heat Free Days

On your days off work, or days where stepping out the house is not the slightest bit appealing, give your hair a break. Whilst you may not agree with how cute your do is looking, it will appreciate the chance to breathe. Using heat on your hair of any temperature is extremely risqué and whilst heat defence should be used in all instances it is not 100% effective. Save using your hair electrical until you really need them. In turn, this will decrease the occurrence of split ends, a dream right?

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#3 Choosing The Right Products

Whilst doing your weekly shop you may simply choose any shampoo and conditioner however this is one major mistake. One of the best healthy hair secrets, that many are often oblivious to, is that everyone has a different hair type and, therefore, the products you are using must adapt to this.

healthy hair secrets

Ask yourself…

  • Is your hair too shiny?

  • Does it need a little more shiny?

  • Is it looking a little flat and dull?

  • Is your hair coloured?

Every single hair brand has its own unique formulas for each hair type whether this is drugstore or high-end products. Once you get into the habit of using a particular type of shampoo and conditioner you will never second guess it.

#4 Natural Colour Isn’t Always That Bad

Whilst the temptation to dye your hair on a regular basis is overwhelming, it can sometimes become too obsessive. If you desire bleached sun-kissed hair when your locks are jet black, the process in getting to the colour you would like often outweighs how good the colour will look. Peroxide is arguably the single most damaging product you can put on your hair. Whilst it is essential in dramatic colour transformations, the upkeep is timely, costly and most of all a lead contributor to long-term damage.

healthy hair secrets

Why not try bronde?

Bronde is the latest trend colour for hair. Gone is ombre and in is the gorgeous all over the mix of blonde and brown that is curiosity provoking and most certainly keeps people guessing- just look at Blake Lively’s Instagram!

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#5 Snip Rather Than Snap

I as much as anyone knows that going to the hairdressers for a trim is an experience that one dreads, however, I cannot emphasise how necessary this is. What I have found is if I book a hair appointment every six weeks, with my regular trusted hairdresser (which has taken years to find), not only does my hair grow faster but it is also healthy. At the end of the six weeks, there is minimal damage providing you with other opportunities to focus on a different aspect such as how to get that super shine.

healthy hair secrets

#6 Eat Your Hair Healthy

So, I have discussed shine multiple times but the real question is how do you achieve such? Like with your complexion eating particular foods, which, in this case, are those rich in protein, iron and vitamins, you hair will achieve that shine a lot sooner than you think! The most obvious? Nuts, fish and eggs are all sources of natural shine. Forget about the mechanics and products darlings. If you can eat what you like and obtain all the benefits, the adaptation of such foods into your everyday diet isn’t worth a second guess- it’s a must!

#7 Happiness or Hair loss?

Whilst this may sound a little crazy there is certainly some truth in it. Whilst hair loss is often unpreventable there are also many contributing factors that encourage it. One of the major contributors? STRESS. Another of the healthy hair secrets and my favourite is HAPPINESS. Feel fabulous and in turn look fabulous. Whilst I won’t get into the scientific facts about how this works, it is one tip that you will always remember. Whilst skin may make you break out and feel a little down when you are stressed this has a knock on effect. Just remember darlings that you are confident, independent and powerful. You are in control no matter what others tell you. Whilst this may be a life lesson at least it will be a life lesson in which your hair is looking fine!

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healthy hair secrets

#8 Oil It Up

The idea of putting oil in your hair is less than desirable but this is where we are all going wrong darlings. Your hair is filled with natural oils so why not add a dash of something extra?  Argan, Coconut and tea tree oil are my three favourites. Whilst locking in your glorious shine and smelling simply delicious these oils encourage healthy and clean hair. You will find such oils in shampoos, conditioners and many other products which are the go to’s if you have difficulty finding the time to use the real thing!

Will healthy hair mean gorgeous hair? Absolutely.

Is healthy hair on trend? Always.

If you follow these healthy hair secrets and tips and incorporate them into your daily routine it will soon become second natures. Just remember one thing darlings … they are secrets.

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