I don’t know about you, but I always wondered how to style a jumpsuit. To be honest, I own a couple of jumpsuits, but I’m not wearing them on a regular basis. However, wearing a jumpsuit may seem like wearing a dress: once it’s on, you don’t have to think about anything else besides the accessories. This should be considered a total plus. It also takes less time (and we all know how great is that sometimes).

How To Style A Jumpsuit?

A jumpsuit can be styled properly no matter the season. Yes, it’s summer and I’ll talk about wearing a playsuit for summer and how to style it, but you should keep in mind that it can be worn every season. You just have to choose from a multitude of textiles, colors, and prints. It can be worn with heels, it can be worn with sneakers. It’s versatile and I like this thing about it! A jumpsuit can be considered just like a suit, but a more stylish one. You can see that plenty of celebrities have adopted the jumpsuit and are looking quite trendy and elegant in it (see Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Emma Stone, Rihanna and plenty more).

#1 Beachwear Playsuits

Oh, how I love summer! Hot weather, sun in the sky, summer storms with thunders and flashes of lightning, going to the beach or hanging out at some pool, hat on my head, shades on my eyes and maybe a lemonade in my hand. Perfect, right?

What’s even more perfect is the fact that going to the beach doesn’t require you get all dressed up: a simple jumpsuit will do the trick, natural hair and makeup, and a pair of flat sandals/ flip-flops. Remember your sunscreen block, your straw hat, and dark shades.


Tropical Print Culotte Jumpsuit 

  • Wear a navy culotte jumpsuit printed with tropical flowers with a pair of white sandals. At dusk, replace the flat sandals with a pair of espadrilles. You will look extra chic.


Occasion Playsuit With Drape Back in Lilac Embellishment

  • The white embellished playsuit is a little bit more elegant, so I would definitely wear it on a hot summer night with platform shoes.


Cold Shoulder Playsuit in Pretty Lace

  • Feeling slightly romantic? Well then, a flower headband and a lace jumpsuit are the right fit for you.
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#2 Denimwear

Denim has always been our safety net when it comes to fashion. Whether it’s about a pair of jeans, a denim shirt or a denim jumpsuit, denim has always been there for us. And I’m guessing that every woman, today, appreciates it. What’s so cool about a denim jumpsuit?


Soft Denim Jumpsuit with Utility Styling

  • I like the fact that it can look stylish paired with heels (we all know that casual it already is). So, get your hand on a utility looking denim jumpsuit and your hottest heels and go out!


Chambray Dungaree

  • Casual feel: white T-shirt + denim jumpsuit + white sneakers = LOVE. No other words are required here. Do you feel the love?


Denim Short Dungaree

  • Denim and stripes are like two pioneers of fashion. And guess what? They go perfectly together. Just check out my third outfit choice. A white denim jumpsuit contrasts the black or navy stripes on the shirt and makes you have and enjoy the perfect casual look.
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#3 Sportswear

I’m not a fan of sportswear, but these two jumpsuits look pretty good. And if you’re the type of woman that enjoys staying fit, then it’s a perfect match. These jumpsuits will look great on you. For the casual and sporty look, match the jumpsuit with a pair of sneakers.

TIP: if you’re into the sporty-glam kind of look, add a pair of heels and you’re set for a night in the club.


Jersey Jumpsuit with Asymmetric Wrap 

How To Style A Jumpsuit

Casual Vest Jumpsuit with Draw String Waist

#4 How To Style A Printed Jumpsuit 

When it comes to prints, there can be a great variety of them on a jumpsuit (flower print, animal print, polka dots, stripes, geometric and graphic designs, gingham, ethnic, artwork and pop art print, etc.).

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Jumpsuit With Multi Strap Back In Floral Print

  • I love the boho style, so this flower printed black jumpsuit mixed with a black hat and black platform sandals are perfect for me. I would also add a fringe backpack.

How To Style A Jumpsuit

Awkward Length Jumpsuit With Cut Outs In Polka Dot

  • Another way to wear a printed jumpsuit is to get it involved with some polka dots. White dots on a navy jumpsuit look really sailor-inspired. Match these with white heel sandals and you will get a perfect summer outfit. 


High Neck Jumpsuit With Low Back In 70S Multi Colour Zig Zag

  • For a 70s vibe, check out the zig zag multicolored jumpsuit. It looks really crazy and fun to wear. The fringe shoulder bag looks interesting near it.
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#5 How To Style A Monochrome Jumpsuit 

A jumpsuit in various colors is awesome. In my opinion, these are the ones that are actually elegant and glam: monochrome jumpsuits styled with a few accessories. You don’t need much. Maybe a statement clutch. 

For instance, I find this black jumpsuit really sexy and makes you look taller if combined with a pair of stilettos.

How To Style A Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit with Cross Front 

I love more this white culotte jumpsuit. Pure white. Perfect in the summer. Perfect with red lips and heels for a sophisticated look. Also, perfect with espadrilles.


Jumpsuit with Culotte and Shirt Detail

My personal favorite is the khaki cargo jumpsuit mixed with black heels: utilitarian sexy, utilitarian cool, utilitarian trendy. Knowing how to style a utility looking jumpsuit, that hasn’t the purpose of looking hot at all, is taking things to the next level. You should be proud of yourselves.

How To Style A Jumpsuit

G-Star Cargo Jumpsuit 

My final choice for an elegant look is this pale pink one-shoulder jumpsuit. If you add some metallic sandals you have outdone yourself. It’s the kind of look that is impeccable for a wedding or a cocktail party. Pale pink will always come to the rescue.


One Shoulder Drape Jumpsuit

#6 Special Occasions

For more special occasions than the already mentioned ones, I give you some jumpsuits that caught my attention and put some unconventional in the conventional.

For the more courageous of you, I present you with a khaki jumpsuit that seems to be formed out of two pieces: a really small cropped top and high waist culottes, that really emphasize your waist. Be bold and try a jumpsuit like this one!

How To Style A Jumpsuit

Solace London Wrap Over Top Wide Leg Culotte Jumpsuit

Now this is one special jumpsuit. I’m not sure exactly where to wear it, but a themed party or a more outrageous party is the perfect choice for it. One fact is for sure: it’s everything but ordinary. It gives an interesting optical effect. Don’t forget your fur collar and your metallic platforms as well. Have fun!


Sleeveless Unitard In Metallic Iridescent

My second favorite type of jumpsuit is the contrasting one: a light shade of color up and a dark shade bottom. Again, pale pink comes to the rescue and feels really splendid near black. Another outfit that requires no time when putting it together, saving time and energy. The perfect look for an elegant party or, why not, even a business meeting. Heels are required.

How To Style A Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit with Contrast Wrap Front

I think the jumpsuit is a great fashion item for our wardrobe collection. It simplifies everything and looks good on every body shape. As you already saw, we can wear the jumpsuit whenever we feel like, from a sporty look to an elegant and sophisticated one. It’s a must for everybody, so girls, go out, get your first jumpsuit (if you don’t own one by now) and style it to fit your personality!

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