How Can I Increase Home Value Before Putting It on Sale?

//How Can I Increase Home Value Before Putting It on Sale?
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Did you know that the most common reason a home does not sell is that it is priced too high? There are certain things that you can do before you list your home for sale to increase home value and you do not have to spend a ton of money doing so. 

Keep reading for our top three tips on how to increase your home’s value without breaking the bank. 

1. Spruce It Up

How your home looks from the street is the first chance you will have to make a good impression on the buyer. Whether you have homes for sale in Meridian or anywhere else in the world, as a buyer pulls up to the home you want them to fall in love with the exterior and how well maintained it is. 

When the curb appeal is perfect then the buyer will judge the inside as being great before even stepping foot inside the house. Take the time to work on your landscaping and compare it to your neighbor’s yards. If yours looks boring when compared to the neighbors then plant flowers or repaint the door to make it stand out more. 

Once the exterior looks great then you can worry about the interior. Focus on the bathroom/s and the kitchen first because they are the most important rooms to bring up to date. 

2. Make It Bigger

The bigger the home the more you can sell it for based on the price per square foot. If you can knock some walls down and open up the current space or add another bathroom this can add extra value to your home. 

The key is to not go overboard and do the math first. If the renovations will cost much more than the value it will add, then it would not make sense to move forward with the project. 

If you have the option to finish your unfinished basement then this is a great way to create additional living space. If your home does not have a basement you can opt to build a deck instead. 

3. Update the Appliances

Something that might not cost you as much to do but will make a big difference for buyers is investing in updated appliances. A buyer usually prefers a turn-key home where they just have to move in and not really make any updates. 

Taking the time to update things such as the dishwasher, stove, oven, and refrigerator will be a great selling point for your kitchen. 

Ready to Increase Home Value?

Now that you have our top three tips to increase home value before you put your home on the market, you can start applying the tips you see fit for your house. We know that the road to selling a home can be a long one when you are not prepared. 

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