Here’s the Cost of Marble Counter Tops and Why They’re a Good Investment

//Here’s the Cost of Marble Counter Tops and Why They’re a Good Investment
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The average kitchen remodel can cost well over $20,000. Remodels cover all sorts of things from labor, appliances, cabinets, paint, and countertops. 

The cost of the countertop is one of the largest expenses when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Much of the cost goes into which type of material you choose for your countertop.

While there’s a variety of choices for countertops, a tried-and-true option is marble. When you compare the cost of marble counter tops to other materials, you’ll find that the price is a wise investment.

Why Choose Marble Counter Tops?

When designing your kitchen, all the elements should come together to provide a cohesive theme. Selecting a counter top to match your theme is essential.

Marble is a natural material and it’s extremely durable. Its timeless and classic look is stunning and is easily integrated into any kitchen. The designs marble produces are unique as no two designs are the same.

In the future, if you decide to sell your home, marble counter tops may increase your home’s value and may appeal to potential buyers. 

The Cost of Marble Counter Tops

In general, the price of marble counter tops starts at about $40-75 per square foot and increases from there depending on the type of marble you choose. However, there are several factors that can cause the price to fluctuate. 

Installation Costs

Installing marble is takes a large chunk of the cost. Installation takes less time if it’s a large piece and it’s less expensive. Small pieces take more time and may be more costly.

Type of Marble

There are many different varieties of marble to choose from and this will be a great factor in your overall costs. 

Some of the most popular marble types to consider are:


By far the most expensive marble is Calcutta. Its distinguishing feature is the bold veins of grays, but it’s also available in gold and brown veins.


Cararra is the most common, least expensive, and most widely available in white.


Dubbed as one of the most luxurious and rare types of marble, Statuario marble is lined with gold and grey veins, however, it’s significantly less expensive than Calcutta.


Danby marble looks similar to other marbles, but with a softer gray and brown veining. It’s made in Vermont, USA.



Black marble is stunning and may be known as Travertine. It’s found in Spain, and it made from high-pressurized limestone 

Each of these designs brings their own personality to the table and should be considered carefully depending on cost. Not all cost the same, and the price will vary depending on the cut and how much you get. 


What time of design are you looking for? Cutting the marble into the type of shape you want will also cost. Choosing shapes that are easy to install will be less expensive.

Color and thickness also play a role in the cost of your marble countertops. The thicker the marble the higher the cost. Marble comes in three different thicknesses, 2 CM, 3 CM, and 5 CM with 5 CM being the most expensive. 


Any finishings you require, sealing, cutting around sinks, removing old countertops, and so forth will be added to your bill. 

There are also glossy and honed finishes. Glossy finishes produce a shiny appearance, while honed finishing looks more like satin.

Things to Remember

While marble adds an exquisite look to any kitchen, there are things to keep in mind before committing to any design. 


While there’s no debating the look of marble is gorgeous, it’s very porous. This means that any spills will create stains.

But you don’t have to ban coffee or red wine from your kitchen. To combat staining on your marble, it’s important that it’s sealed properly and frequently. Aim to have your marble counter top sealed every couple of years for longevity.


Once the marble is sealed it’s fairly easy to keep clean. Washing it with warm soap and water is preferred, but an overabundance of soap will leave a film and eventually produce a cloudy appearance. Be sure to wipe the soap clean every time.

Any cleaning product like bleach, ammonia, or anything that contains other harsh chemicals cause etching.

Stay away from abrasive pads or clothes as they will scratch the surface. This guide can give you everything you need to know about counter top maintenance. 


Etching is a change that happens in the stone when it comes in contact with certain chemicals like acid. It resembles a stain that won’t go away. With marble, etching is bound to happen if you avoid sealing your counter top frequently. 

Repair Costs

Accidents happen, especially in the kitchen. Things get dropped, or someone sets a glass of wine down without thinking and stains and chips in the marble appear. 

Thankfully, there are ways to repair the damage those accidents cause. A professional is the best bet when it comes to fixing small dents, scratches or stains and won’t set you back much. Larger dents can cost several hundred dollars upwards depending on the type of damage. 

Marble Counter Tops: Are They For You?

While the cost of marble counter tops may seem steep at first, nothing can compare to the beauty and durability marble brings to your home. 

Are you looking for more information on how to keep your home in pristine shape? Visit our website today to learn more!


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