Aww, Baby! 5 Creative Photo Gift Ideas To Celebrate Your Newborn

//Aww, Baby! 5 Creative Photo Gift Ideas To Celebrate Your Newborn
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When you have a baby all you want to do is show what a proud parent you are! And over 300,000 babies are born every day to proud and adoring parents. 

Cherishing every moment with your child from the very beginning is important, and what better way to remember those moments than to capture it with newborn photos. Not only for yourself, but for other members of your family and friends who want to celebrate with you!

Here are some fun and creative photo gift ideas to share the wonderful news of your baby with the people you love most. 

5 Creative Photo Gift Ideas 

Newborn Photography is a popular way for parents to enjoy their newborn and catch those first precious moments in time. Taking a photo of your baby is the first step, but how do you give the photo in a way that’s memorable and meaningful?

Here are 5 unique photo ideas that almost anyone will love!

1. Charm Bracelet

What better way to carry photos of your baby around with you than on a custom-made charm bracelet? Simply choose the photos you want and they will print on charms which you can attach to your bracelet.

This charm bracelet makes a wonderful gift for a mom’s birthday or Mother’s Day, and one she will love for years. 

2. Phone Cover

Phone covers are trendy nowadays, and there’s plenty of ways to put your own spin on them. Almost everyone has a smartphone! Having a personalized photo printed of your newborn on your phone case is one way to express your love.

3. Canvas Print

If you have a photo of your newborn that you absolutely love and want to give as a gift, canvas prints are a thoughtful gift as well. The pictures are printed on a canvas and then placed on a wooden frame.

Depending on where you purchase a photo canvas, there are different sizes available. People hang them on the walls of their homes or buy smaller ones to place in their office. Most canvas prints are solid and last for many, many years. 

4. Mousepads

Mousepads with photos are a classic gift, and you should have no trouble finding these! Perfect for the office, or at home mousepads with personalized photos make a great gift. 

5. Magnets

Photo magnets are the gifts that keep on giving. The best part is they can be used anywhere there’s a magnetic surface so they’re extremely versatile. Photo magnets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can choose ones that suit the recipient. 

Another great thing about photo magnets is that as your child gets older, you can start a collection starting from when they were a newborn. 

Photo Gift Ideas: Which One Will You Choose?

Selecting a gift idea with a newborn photo is a fun and rewarding experience. Hopefully, these creative photo gift ideas give you some inspiration to give a truly wonderful gift that your loved one will cherish.

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