Here’s How to Make Your House Safe and Secure for Your Family

//Here’s How to Make Your House Safe and Secure for Your Family
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65% of the 2.5 million burglaries that occur annually in the United States are home break-ins. Your home is the place where you should feel the safest.

Unfortunately, from the above statistics, the safety of your house and your property is far from guaranteed. It’s vital for you to take measures to keep your house safe. The following are some steps you can take to ensure your home is safe.

Reinforce your Front Door

34% of all burglaries happen through the front door! This state of affairs is because of weak front doors. Change your door to a solid hardwood or steel door.

Install a heavy-duty deadbolt to reinforce the door. Ensure that there’s a screw plate of equal strength for the deadbolt.

A sturdy screw plate will not keep you safe if it’s not well secured to the door frame. A strong attachment of your screw plate to the door frame will require you to use screws of at least three inches.

Tricks to Keep Your House Safe

65% of burglaries occur between 6.00am and 6.00pm. Burglars know that most homes are not occupied at that time because most people would be at work and school.

Darkness creates an enabling environment for burglars. A dark house is a sign that nobody is at home. If you can get burglars to think someone is at home, you can keep them out.

There are some ways you can create this facade. You can time your TV and radio to start at specific times automatically.

You may also want to buy a fake TV. The phony TV produces flickering lights that mimic the lights of a real TV.

Lights with motion sensors are great when installed at your entrance. If a burglar comes close to the door, and the lamp goes on, they’ll be definitely be scared and run away. Install lights with sensors so they switch on at dusk.

Technology has advanced enough to allow you to switch on your lights remotely using your smartphone. You can even switch on some of your home appliances remotely if you have a smart home.

Another trick that works is installing warning signs. Burglars are much less likely to enter a compound with dogs. Put a “beware of dogs” sign on your gate or fence even if you don’t have dogs.

Leave behind some clues to show that there is a dog in your compound — things such as a dog bowl near the gate or a misplaced leash work.

Take extra Care During Vacations

Family vacations are burglars’ paradise. It’s a time when nobody is home for extended periods. To protect your house, learn more about your home and its vulnerabilities.

You can also keep your house safe during your vacation by having somebody stay in the house in your absence.

If it’s not possible to find a house sitter, eliminate evidence of your absence. A pile of newspapers and fliers at the gate, piled up mail, and unattended trash cans show that nobody is home.

You can have a neighbor pick up your mail and tend your trash cans. You can also ask them to pick your newspapers if you feel you must read the old papers when you return. The more straightforward course of action would be to suspend newspaper subscription for the duration of the vacation.

Reinforce Windows and Sliding Doors

Horizontal sliding doors can easily be lifted from their rails. This vulnerability is higher when the windows are old.  Sliding glass doors have the same weakness. Reinforce the railings using curtain rods or other suitable bars.

It may also be prudent for you to install a window alarm. The alarm should send you a notification on your smartphone when the window has been tampered with. You can switch on the lights remotely to scare off potential burglars.

Be Watchful

There are too many ways to get distracted these days. Smartphones, TV, and even working from home. Avoid distractions and make a habit of walking around your compound to check for any vulnerabilities.

Repair any breaches promptly. Vigilance and quick repairs are the most cost-effective way to protect your home.

Hide Your Valuables Well

The average dollar amount lost in a burglary is $2,251; this is a substantial sum. Sometimes, despite your best effort, a burglar may find their way into your home.

How well you hide your valuables is your last line of defense. Avoid keeping your valuables in dressers or drawers. These are the prominent places where burglars will go to first.

Electronics are some burglars most preferred items. You can keep a broken laptop or tablet in an easy-to-reach drawer.

Burglars have no time to check whether what they take is functional. Authorities estimate that most burglars are in and out of the house in 10 minutes. When burglars think they’ve found what they were looking for, they’re more likely to leave.

Don’t leave your valuables in the master bedroom as burglars go to the master bedroom first. Resist the urge to display your cool stuff for all to see. It’s advisable to be cautious.

65% of burglars know the owner of the house from which they steal! It may be a delivery man or just a neighbor who drops by once.

What Options Do You Have When You’re Renting?

If you’re renting, you may feel like your ability to keep your house safe has been reduced. It’s not your property, so there are certain aspects of the upgrade you can’t undertake. However, you’re still not out of options!

The security of your family and property is of paramount importance. You may ask the landlord to make the security upgrades you consider necessary.

Most landlords wouldn’t want to lose a tenant, so they’ll comply with your requests. However, make sure that your needs are reasonable.

You should feel safe when you’re at home. Learn how to make your house safe and find out more about fashion and lifestyle by exploring the rest of our website.

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