9 Dream Kitchen Ideas To Inspire Your Dream Kitchen Design

//9 Dream Kitchen Ideas To Inspire Your Dream Kitchen Design
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Homeownership rates are rising steadily and currently hover around 64%. While owning a home is a pretty big achievement in it of itself, another big hurdle to jump over is getting through your first kitchen remodel.

Because let’s face it… Almost no home comes equipped with the perfect kitchen. In most cases, you’ve got to dream one up and budget out some additional cash over your home’s purchase price to get your cooking space just right.

Once you’ve cleared some cash for your remodel, the next step is to come up with some great ideas to implement in your space.

Below, we share some dream kitchen ideas that’ll help you to do exactly that.

1. Dual Dishwashers

A dream kitchen tends to inspire a lot of traffic. That traffic usually comes in the way of hungry family members and friends ravaging your space.

The more that those people eat, the more dishes that are going to pile up and the more dishes that pile up, the larger your headache will be dealing with all of that mess.

A fun solution to that problem is to invest in dual dishwashers. Dual dishwashers can exist as two side by side units or dual shelved washers that are stacked.

2. An Island

No dream kitchen ideas list is complete without a kitchen island. For those of you that don’t know what we’re talking about, a kitchen island is a giant slab of counter that sits in the center of your open-floored kitchen. If you’re lucky, that slab of counter has a sink built-in.

Adding a sink-equipped kitchen island onto your space can be a little bit of a challenge so don’t be afraid to call in this company or another local institution to source some handyman help.

3. Vintage Sinks With a Detachable Faucet

Modern stainless-steel sinks are so last year. Today, we love to see a touch of vintage in otherwise new age kitchens.

Achieving a vintage sink look is as easy as opting for a thin copper faucet over the traditional bulkier/silver-toned fixtures. To make things even more awesome, opt for a faucet that pops off of its base so you can rinse dishes with ease before throwing them into those dual washers we mentioned in our first bullet.

4. A Wine Fridge

If you’re reading this article, we’re assuming that you’re 21 or over. If we’re right in assuming your demography, we’ve got two words for you… Wine fridge.

Every adult should have a place to keep their favorite Pinots, Chards, Rieslings and everything in-between at the perfect temperature on those hot summer days.

A wine fridge that’s built into your ground-level cabinet is the best way to achieve that end (unless you can afford a wine cellar of course in which case, you’ve got us beat).

5. Hidden Appliances

We all love simple appliances like microwaves and toasters. The thing is though that we don’t necessarily like looking at them.

How can you amend this issue?

Simple… Hide those bulky bad boys.

There are a ton of cabinets sold today that open up and slide out. You can place appliances you don’t want the general public to see on those surfaces which will allow you to enjoy the convenience of these toys while not having to look at them.

6. Recessed Hue Lighting

Modern kitchens feature recessed lighting. Dream kitchens feature recessed lighting that is powered by Phillips Hue bulbs.

Don’t know what Phillips Hue bulbs are? Let us educate you…

Phillips Hue bulbs are color-changing light bulbs that hardly cost you any money on your energy bill and can be controlled by your voice.

These light bulbs are the best in their class and get cheaper every day.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a set.

7. A Cook Book Shelf

We hear you… You don’t like to read. That doesn’t mean though that you couldn’t benefit from pretending that you like to read.

Our favorite way to impress people with our fake interest in books is by adding an open-top shelf to our kitchens that feature a slew of really interesting looking cookbooks.

That outta impress the neighbors!

Also, if you’re ever feeling really inspired, you can always crack open one of those bad boys and try your hand at a new recipe. If it turns out bad, you can always call in UBER Eats.

8. An Echo Show

The Echo Show by Amazon has gotten a bad rap because it has really lagged behind in sales in comparison to the Echo Dot which has turned out to be Amazon’s darling smart-home device.

We really like the thought of including an Echo Show on your dream kitchen ideas short-list for a couple of reasons though.

The first reason is that the Echo Show can show you how to prepare recipes step by step which is cool and helpful when you’re extending your culinary boundaries. The second reason is that that Echo Show allows you to video call family and friends which makes for a great way to casually show off your newly remodeled kitchen space!

9. Marble Countertops

This is a dream kitchen ideas must-have. After all, marble countertops are pretty much the main indicator that you took your kitchen remodel seriously.

Marble countertops are pricey but they look incredible, so splurge if you can.

Wrapping Up Dream Kitchen Ideas to Inspire Your Dream Kitchen Design

We hope that our dream kitchen ideas have inspired you as much as they’ve inspired the people on our team that have shared them with you!

Have fun implementing our suggestions and check out more of the content on our website!

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