Inspirational Hairstyles When Wearing A Hat

//Inspirational Hairstyles When Wearing A Hat

Wearing a hat doesn’t necessary means that your hair is having a bad day. So, if you choose to wear a hat to complete your super outfit, we are more than ok with that because hats are really in now! Just make sure that you own a hat for each season. I think that a hat is a really good investment. You can wear them if your hair is acting crazy, if it’s a rainy day or in the summer when the sun is all over you and having a hat is such a bliss. To be honest in the summer I don’t really like to wear hats because my hair gets greasy, except when I’m going to watch a football game, which is outdoor and staying in the sun for 2 hours is deadly; or when I’m going to a basketball game even that is indoor, I’m wearing my favourite sporty cap because is a good match with my basketball t-shirt (basketball is about fashion, apparently). As you can see is it worth to invest in at least 2 hats – promise that you won’t regret it!

And because we are having a chat about hairstyles in here, go to you closet, grab your favourite lost hat out and show us your inspirational hairstyle wearing a hat. We came up with something as well, enjoy!

#1 Fishtail/Basic Braid

side braid

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A basic braid or a fishtail braid goes well with everything, even with a hat on. Just imagine yourself sitting on the porch and reading a book while the sun is over you…and you, with one side braid and hat on. I just created the perfect scene of a summer day. How would look your perfect summer scene?

#2 Segmented Pigtails


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When I’m in a funny mood I’m making my hair like this. One super long pigtail braid on my back or two segmented pigtails, which I tried and it goes perfect with a hat on. Make sure that you have some invisible elastics to get that fancy do’. So, if you want a playful hairstyle for a day out with your friends this is it!


#3 Loose waves

loose waves

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Doesn’t matter if your hair is not curly or you don’t have natural waves, just use an electric round brush or a curling iron and your look will be amazing. I have natural waves but to be honest I’m against heating and if I want my hair curly I just make little buns over the night and in the morning I’m ready to go. But if you are in a hurry and you have to use the curling iron, make sure that you have a heat protection product, otherwise your hair will suffer. When your waves are done just choose a hat and you are good to go!

#4 Low bun

low-bun hairstyle

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When you want to get in touch with your masculine side, a simple low bun is the answer and how you can’t fake better short hair if is not with a low bun and a fringe; just add a fedora hat to your outfit for the ultimate touch. I dare you to try, you will see another face of you, and you will love it!


#5 Ponytail

elegant hat

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The most simple and wearable hairstyle that you can have. A minimalist ponytail topped of with a cute ribbon or even a basic ponytail works well with all sorts of hats. From an elegant hat to a sporty cap. So, if you fancy an elegant hat hairstyle you might want to learn from the best.

#6 Fringe out

fringe out hairstyle

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When you are in a hurry, this hairstyle is really accessible. Just leave your fringe out and the rest of your hair under a cozy hat. Usually this type of hairstyle goes well with a chic beanie snood hat or a granny-chic cashmere. It takes no time and also is keeping your hair nice and safe, just perfect for a busy day!

#7 Straight


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With this hairstyle, you can wear whatever hat you want. From an elegant one to a sport one, you have plenty types of hats from where to choose. Be creative! Play with your hair and the inspiration will come; you can have a center part hairstyle or you can have a fringe on one side is so effortlessly and is so much fun!


#8 Fake short

fake short hair

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We always want something that we can’t have and when it comes to hair probably every girl can say that this is a true quote. Finer-haired girls are crazy lust after thick hair or the ones with thin hair are craving for some waves. The same as the ones ahead are the girls who wish to have short hair, but are afraid to have a haircut because they don’t know if they have the right face for a short haircut; don’t hesitate, this is your moment! You can have short hair without actually cutting your hair and using a hat is much more simple. You can fake short hair for example by pinning, underpinning or finger curls and you will achieve dramatically shorter looks. Is time for you to have a change, dare to do it!

Which hat hairstyle from our inspirational moment you like more? 

Comment bellow and share with us your own favorites!


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