How To Wear Ankle Boots: The Shortest Way To Spring

//How To Wear Ankle Boots: The Shortest Way To Spring

Let’s cut it short! Literally!

Spring 2015 is almost here and we have to welcome it with the right ‘Hello‘. Get all the dresses out of the bags, let the flower T-shirts back into your closet and get rid of those winter boots. Instead, pick between the spike-heeled, platforms, peep-toed ankle boots if you want to hit it off. Still, if you are more of a cold feet person, feel free to pick the cozy and warmer versions that will assure the casual day to day wear, while keeping you in style.

The trick of the trade is to make sure that the ankle boots fit your outfit and your body shape. Makes sense that these shouldn’t be worn with short pants if your legs are more rounded, but this is not the only secret you need to know.

Here is Estilo Tendances Guide on How To Wear Ankle Boots during Spring!


The boot was first worn as a fashion element in the 19th and early 20th Centuries. By that time boots existed, but had other purposes – these were used for riding horses, for gardening or other work related/sport related activities. Women were starting to easily fall for this new fashion item, but they only embraced the new shoes in the 1960s.

There are some names that stick out even from that time – the so called bottiers were creating the first designs for the new boots. Denise Poiret is one of them, who created with the help of her husband, the first fashion boot in 1913, with a low heel and a square toe. Also, Beth Levine introduced the boots in the Haute Couture universe in 1960s. By the year 1977, boots were selling with style and ended making up 20% of all women’s shoe sales in the United States by the end of the century.

We can declare the 1980s the year of the ankle boots. Low-heeled, calf-length pull-on, these boots were  finally gaining their well deserved popularity. Starting with 2011, ankle boots were being promoted as a popular summer alternative to sandals. Ankle boots are also the only type of shoe that can easily be worn by both men and women, and the only one to have remained popular without a break since the 19th Century.

Runway options

Let’s hit it down with the Runway options. Get inspired and creative by watching how the fashion giants do it.

Ankle Boots Valentino Spring Summer 2015; Found on

Found on; Photo: Yannis Vlamos/


 These ankle boots from Valentino Spring Summer 2015 are all about traditional print. The colors, the drawings and even the materials make you think about folk costumes and local celebrations. If you want to attract the attention this is the right choice.

Ankle boots Valentino Spring Summer 2015

Found on; Photo: Yannis Vlamos/


The beige ankle boots from Valentino Spring Summer 2015 can be worn with basically anything. Remember those pants with a lot of prints on them? What about that red dress? You can wear it easily with these light-colored boots. Also, you can wear them at the office with jeans, no one will mind.

Ankle Boots Valentino Spring-Summer 2015; Found on

Found on; Photo: Yannis Vlamos/

Ankle Boots Valentino Spring-Summer 2015 – these marsala boots are the new thing in 2015 as this is the color of the year. These are powerful as color, but delicate as cut, so that you can use them for every stylish occasion;

 Day to day wear

Don’t get cold feet now! You still have to learn how to do it yourself! The easiest way to start is by pulling off a casual look, versatile and comfortable. A walk in the park, a normal day at work, a lunch out – everything can be used as an opportunity to show off your ankle boots. With long or short pants, with skirts and with dresses, you can make it work anyhow.


Black ankle boots worn with high waist short pants and with a casual elegant shirt. The read coat is the touch of color that the outfit needed. Found on

Found on

Black ankle boots worn with high waist short pants and with a casual elegant shirt. The read coat is the touch of color that the outfit needed.

Maybe you think this outfit is so “Fall”, but I would say that it’s perfect for a day of chilly spring. Coffee anyone? 

Ok this is it - the most casual and yet feminine outfit you could pull out. No heels, no worries - only comfort and style. Found on

Found on

Ok this is it – the most casual and yet feminine outfit you could pull out. No heels, no worries – only comfort and style.

Elegant and Classy

So, what’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think about elegance and ankle boots? Most of us will associate these two with a business date and with high heels, but that’s not always the case. What I mean is that your choices regarding the boots are so many, that you can easily find a pair that you can wear, when meeting a friend, when going on a date, in the proper (elegant) location.

The point is this:

The stars of our attention, the ankle boots, can have the same effect as a stiletto shoe, while keeping you warm in the spring. Wear them with an over-the-waist skirt and a simple top, or with pants, a shirt, and a color matching belt.

Pink and grey work outfit: fitted top, pencil skirt, booties, bag – this is a feminine look that can be worn at any day event you go to. To the movies, to a bar, to a walk maybe, but always looking like a princess.

Style wear – Beige Ankle Boots. Just a walk in the center during that beautiful spring? Yes, why not. Either a lunch out, or – the possibilities are endless.

Elegant Look – High Heal Peep Toe Ankle Boots. Ok this is different – this outfit screams for attention and it wants it so bad that it can take it from anywhere – a rooftop party, a club, a fancy restaurant, a bar or on a motorcycle.

Now you know the secrets from backstage to day to day outfits. We think you are ready to buy those boots and wear them with style. Don’t forget to think about your body shape and to make sure that those perfect boots are as flattering as it can be.

We have some advice that will get you ready for your new purchase:

  • If you are short and thin, make sure to include a good size heel and pair them with skinny jeans/leggings of the same boot color to create a longer line
  • When pairing your ankle boots with skirts/dresses, careful not to shorten your legs. Make sure the boot fits closely at the ankle and your skirt/dress ends above the knee.

Okay boots…start walking!

I would love to hear from you, which is your favorite ankle boots pair?

Tell me in a comment below!

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