Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear: Vivienne Westwood Women’s Collection

//Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear: Vivienne Westwood Women’s Collection

Vogue”Art is a vision, and the best

[an artist] could do to take stock of what was happening

This is what Vivienne Westwood said during interviews after her show at Paris Fashion Week. And her collection was, indeed, a vision. A vision of fairy tale characters. It seemed like every outfit created and presented was a character of some kind of story. Westwood loves to play dress-up, because she has a unique, eccentric style which allows her to do that. Even the dramatic make-up helped the models get into character.

Vivienne Westwoods collection appears to be a collage of clothes with poster prints and images, with paintings and museum scenery, with printed numbers and historical designs. You can also see a model playing the role of Eve , with a flesh tone bikini and bra and a well-placed vine leaf. (If you watch the full collection, you can also see an Adam dressed the same as Eve, minus the bra. Also, a cape is involved.)

There where also presented a series of black dresses, but this one seemed to be the most interesting one: a long black dress with black sandals and gray ankle socks.


Designers burn out because they have been taught everything comes from them, so they have no culture.” (V.Westwood)

The show presents nothing related to realism: perhaps a hyper-realism filled with exaggerated designs and extra styling so that the models look just like dolls and not humans. Some of the models wore baskets on their heads – not in the useful way a basket is normally used.

The final piece of the collection is the “the bride” or a blue looking bride who tries to bring peace on Earth. I think that all these creations form some kind of a Garden of Eden – Vivienne Westwoods vision of a sustainable and healthy future. We can all applaud that!

She is a genius, absolutelySo many designers follow patterns and rules. She is lucky; you can’t separate her from her work. Buying into her brand is buying into her vision.” said Boy George.

See the full show!  Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2015 RTW

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