Hair Care: 6 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Doing

//Hair Care: 6 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Doing

When it comes to hair, we all have heard all kinds of advice from our mothers, grandmothers, commercials or just browsing through the internet. Some of those have even become part of our daily or weekly routine. But what is there left to be done when the results are not what you expected?


This is where we come to help. We have decided to try some of the advises we found on the internet and to analyse the basic hair beauty routine you might have and share the results with you. So keep reading to find the mistakes you don’t know you’re doing when it comes to hair!

#1 The order of the products you’re using when styling your hair


You already know you have to use heat-protective styling aid and I trust you already do that. But what do you do with hairspray? If you ever hear a sizzle when curling or straightening hair it is because you already have hairspray or other styling products in your hair. Therefore, the alcohol in these products will burn in contact with the heat and deteriorate the hair.

Solution: Always use styling products AFTER curling or ironing.

#2 Doing your best to save your split ends




Long hair is beautiful, I know. So, when you’ve found yourself with some split hair ends, you’re trying serums, balms, and masks; everything you can to make them look healthy and shiny again. But the truth is that once your hair is split, no product can mend it. You can temporarily minimize visibly broken bottoms, but the only real solution is to get a trim.

Solution: Stop throwing away money on expensive products that promise miraculous results and pay a visit to your stylist.

#3 Brush. Round brush. Comb.



Most of us have an entire arsenal of hair brushes. But few actually know how or when to use each of them. So, instead of using a medium brush all the time, or a very thick comb try applying these small tips: For chin-length hair use a small brush with 1-inch-diameter. The same brush also works for short layers or if you want to add extra bounce to very fine hair. Medium to large brushes from 2 to 3-inch are better for longer hair and help you create loose, natural waves or straight, smooth styles.

#4 Curling/ironing fresh washed hair



Even though it is recommended to apply styling products on wet hair, this does not apply if you want to curl or iron your hair. That is in the first place because heat-protection products should only be applied on dry hair. Also, wet hair and hot tools don’t mix. The follicles of damp strands can get burnt leading to a weak and broken hair. So take care when you plan your hair care and styling before going out.


#5 Lasting hairstyle



The solution is not in applying more hairspray. That would only lead to flat, greasy hair that doesn’t do you any favor. The secret is to allow yourself a bit more time. Just let your hair cool after applying heat from a dryer or iron. When your hair is still hot, don’t brush through it, but keep it in that form for 10 minutes. We promise its form will last more.

#6 Today, tomorrow and so on: Ponytails

Braids or ponytails should be worn loosely in order to keep smooth, healthy looking hair. Tight ponies cause temporary damage, like broken strands. Those can become a permanent issue after prolonged use.

Solution: If you have to wear a pony try switching its position every now and then.

Comment bellow and let us know if their advice worked for you and how you keep your hair healthy and beautiful!

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