Coca Cola Light Loves Fashion

//Coca Cola Light Loves Fashion

It’s well known the Coca Cola‘s professionalism when it comes to advertisement. The company is huge, and when I say huge I mean the first one in the beverage sector. What made Coca Cola so big? I will tell you right away: their secret formula and their mastering when it comes to advertising!


Coca-Cola Light by Karl Lagerfeld


Coca-Cola Light by Jean Paul Gaultier

Every year Coca Cola amazes us with their unique designer wrapper on their light beverage. Last year, Marc Jacobs made it cool to drink and before him many others like Karl Lagerfeld, Alberta Ferretti, and Blumarine. This year, it’s time for Moschino to put again their signature on the beloved light beverage. After creating such a fuss with its Barbie inspired collection, Jeremy Scott rocked the cow print, pink hearts and eye chart on Coca-Cola light. The bottles will be available until the end of the year all over Italy. Haven’t you seen it yet?


Coca-Cola Light by Moschino

The visible Moschino logo is a must! Do you think Jeremy Scott makes the popular beverage even cooler?

FACT: In 2009 Coca-Cola made a tribute at the opening of Milan Fashion Week featuring 32 Italian designer bottles! The project was called Tribute to Fashion and you can see the runway here:

What do you say about Coca Cola Light advertising campaign through fashion? Would you buy the fashionable bottles?

Comment bellow and tell us which one was your favorite Coca-Cola designer bottle!

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