London Fashion Week Diaries

//London Fashion Week Diaries

London Fashion Week is always something super interesting to watch, even if just from the outside… The mix and match of people is always surprising me and some of the greatest streetstyle sightings can be found around here. This year Estilo-Tendances was very happy to be part of the British Fashion Council accredited international bloggers’ list and we took advantage of this opportunity to walk freely around Somerset House, where it all happens. I was the lucky person to go and wander around and it was an amazing experience.

I have learnt so much from this experience that I can never thank this website enough. I loved the fact that I could expand my knowledge about the people present in the showrooms, I could meet numerous interesting people and live and breathe fashion for 5 full days. To be honest, it was exhausting, and on some days I just did not want to wake up and move out of my bed, but it was more than worth it!



Being the PR Coordinator of this website, my job grows considerably before Fashion Week! Who knew I had to write such a huge amount of e-mails?!? I honestly did not expect that! However, I really believe that the differences between fashion weeks and each of their protocol are a total pain… We have managed to go to some shows, and I was more than happy to have managed to facilitate this through a few e-mails, I was expecting this part to be harder.

Because this month is fashion month, of course there comes the part of getting dressed for the part. I have decided to find interesting and comfortable ways to get dressed as the small stones at LFW are a pain in heels. And, I have also tried not to look too arranged so that I don’t seem off. But I don’t think you can really be off at LFW.


However, I have stayed and read several articles, with quotes from streestyle photographers and everybody kept saying you should feel comfortable, smile and do not pretend you are just there to be photographed. Also, that you should wear something that represents who you are and your usual style! So, I have decided to experiment with this, dressing comfortably and I have found fashionably, however no photographer took me into consideration, which was sad at first! Down below, you will see a selection of my outfits and why I have chosen them, along with little stories from the fashion week days!

 So, here we are, invitations ready and fashion week, here we go!


Well, this day started well, no invitations have arrived, but I went to Somerset House to take the pass we had, wandered around and saw a friend who was extatic about it! So I have thought, since I have two passes and I am only using one, I need a little help with the designers’ and the showroom so I took her along with me! So here we are, walking around the place, trying to find interesting things to write about! The first day seemed very chillaxed, as everyone was still recovering after New York Fashion Week and there weren’t many people around.

This day, I have decided to go for an all black outfit with a pop of colour and a statement necklace. you see, I don’t wear much jewelry, except for statement necklaces and earrings, otherwise, shame on me, I do not wear much! Everything in place, I tried to figure out who were the next street style stars in the courtyard space! I have found some, which you will see in the photos below.

No photographer spotted me, it was more than just warm, which I did not expect, so I had to go everywhere with my very colorful jacket inside my bag, which was heavy enough already. All in all, it was not a super exciting day, but I absolutely adore the start of fashion week, when everything is a bit more relaxed and you can just stay and watch people come and go in their most fashionable outfits!

Spotted: Jourdann Dunn, with her two gigantic bodyguards and Susie Bubble in a super nice outfit!

London Fashion Week Diaries

My outfit for Day 1
London Fashion Week Diaries
In love with the backpack!
London Fashion Week Diaries
Absolutely in love with the skirt
Photo courtesy of IMAXTREE / Alessia Gammarota


This day I only stood there until around 1 o’clock, as I was volunteering at another fashion event in a different part of London. It was the Emerging Trends Fashion Challenge, where I volunteered with some friends and it was super fun, but I was very sad to miss out on Fashion Week. In the morning, I have seen the Barbara Casasola and the Orla Kiely shows, which were great, and you will soon find articles about them on our website! I was amazed by how shows look, and I cannot wait for next season when hopefully we’ll go to more!


This day, I was dressed in an all-black outfit, which is very strange for me as i am always dressed colorfully. I had a lovely black H&M dress,  and I had flats, but had my heels in my bag for later on. No photographer was interested today either, but I felt really good in my new dress! I was glad that I did not take my heels there, as I had to resist with them the whole rest of the day, and run around trying to find people where I was volunteering. I was really glad to be part of this event and I hope next year I will do the same.

Here is my outfit, and see some of my favorite street style snaps below!

London Fashion Week Diaries
My outfit for Day 2
London Fashion Week Diaries
A very chic combination
Photo courtesy of Harper’ by DIEGO ZUKO
London Fashion Week Diaries
This dress is so happy!
Photo courtesy of Harper’ by Diego Zuko
London Fashion Week Diaries
A mix of neutrals is always welcome
Photo courtesy of Harper’ by Diego Zuko


I was wrecked by this day. I could barely wake up and I definitely preferred my bed to the preparation for going to fashion week. This time, I wore a more colorful outfit, mostly because it was easy to iron and that morning I was barely awake while doing this. My morning cup of coffee, which I only drink in case of desperation as I usually prefer tea, was more than welcome. I think that if I knew I could hold it I would have drank a second one, but, knowing myself, I would have been overly hyper active the whole day, while shaking at the same time. So, no second cup of coffee for me. The day was starting to improve! But I was wrong! In the perfect sunlight, while getting out of my building I realised that it was actually pretty cold, bit I knew I would be staying a lot inside the showrooms today as we had only one invitation for the day, and I also knew there would not be that many people around as the bigger shows were not in Somerset House. I was super happy, until, my tights snapped in a place and ai had to walk around in a mini skirt without tights, when there were 15 degrees outside and I was walking around mostly around shadowy places. I thought I was going to die!

However, i have decided not to let that bother me that much, and went to the mesmerizing Toga exhibition, which I absolutely adored. You will se an article about it, with my photos in there.

After the show, I have taken my friend with me this day as well, we went together through the showrooms, talked to designers and found several we would love to wear. We have also discovered some amazing arm candy, as well as some great shoe, because show love is true love.

Spotted: Anna Wintour at the Tom Ford show. I was in heaven! Vivienne Westwood after her own show! Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller at the TOGA show!

London Fashion Week Diaries
My Day 3 outfit
London Fashion Week Diaries
These two look great paired up together!
London Fashion Week Diaries
Another comfortable combination
London Fashion Week Diaries
Don’t know what it is on her knees, but it makes her look very badass!
London Fashion Week Diaries
The Burberry trench coat is a dream!


By this day I couldn’t take it anymore! I sincerely do not understand how fashion people manage this much going to! My feet were in terrible pain, even though I barely wore heels and I really really wanted to stay home and sleep! But I went to it, and did not feel sorry! I haven’t been to any presentations, and I did not stay for very long as I had a meeting at university, but it was worth it!

Outfit: A very turquoise shirt with a black skirt. Another of my favorite outfits, as it was comfortable, elegant and I found it chic. The photographers didn’t, but at this point I did not care anymore, to be honest!

Spotted: Anna Wintour again, at the Burberry show this time!

London Fashion Week Diaries
Day 4 outfit
London Fashion Week Diaries
This outfit looks so cute and amazing
Photo courtesy of
London Fashion Week Diaries
The LFW daily dose of chic
Photo courtesy of IMAXTREE / Alessia Gammarota


Last day of fashion week! I was exhausted, but sad it was over! What am I going to do with my life now?! Today we had two presentations almost at the same time, so I tried to make it to both, unfortunately, London did not love me very much and I had severe delays on the yube, so I have only made it to one:(( The exhibition/presentation:D (emilio de morena?!) However, I absolutely loved it! I felt so good to be able to say that I have an invitation to a show, even if it was not big, for me it was gigantic!


Outfit of the day: My favorite floral skirt for the last day, with one of my favorite t-shirts. I have actually received compliments for this one, so I must have done something right!

Haven’t spotted anyone very famous, as most of them were already on their way to Milan Fashion Week, but I was happy and fulfilled for 5 amazing days!

London Fashion Week Diaries
Last outfit of London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week Diaries
Pure wonder in a photo
Photo courtesy of by KARL-EDWIN GUERRE
London Fashion Week Diaries
Nonconformism in a snapshot
Photo courtesy of IMAXTREE / Alessia Gammarota

What I have learned out of this experience:

1. Not to care if you get photographed or not! – the point is, I dressed a certain way to get noticed, because I have felt that when streetstyle photographers notice you, you must be special. This actually does not matter that much. What matters about your outfit, is for you to feel comfortable and happy with it. You can notice when people are not comfortable with what they wear and it is not a nice sight.

2. I have also learnt that at points fashion is sometimes just too much fashion. I know this sentence does not necessarily make sense, but when is fashion, too much fashion? How do we see the limit? Or are we limitless in this aspect? I have found that, at Somerset House, people were just there to be photographed, they stayed in a place and found themselves something to do on their phone and photographers were roaming around them as if they were the next Kate Moss. It was a bizarre sight to see and made me ask myself this question multiple times and on a myriad of occasions.

3. I have learnt that people can actually be friendly and interested in what you do, and that from a very short phrase you can win them over easily. Also, that making people compliments about their brand or about their style can be an easy way to get to talk to them.

4. I have found out that I love my job, and that work pays off in the little pleasures of life, such as going to an event where I dream to go ever since I was 11.

I hope you have liked this fashionable insight from London Fashion Week!

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