Feeling Clean and Glamorous! 6 of the Best Bath Towels to Use

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Whether you’re fresh out of the shower or need to dry your hair, there’s no shortage of incredible bath towels out there today.

Before you head to your department store or begin shopping online, make sure you’re aware of the features offered by the best bath towels on the market.

This list features some of the best towels you can use, so read on to find out more before you make your next bath towel purchase.

1. Extra-Large Towels

If you can’t stand the thought of a tiny bath towel, look for those offered in an extra-large size. Sometimes referred to as “bath sheets,” these oversized towels make getting out of the shower a comfortable affair.

Bath sheets come in all colors, materials, and brand names which means they’re a popular choice for many consumers. These bigger bath towels will help make drying off faster since their larger size covers more of your body all at once.

You can find extra-large towels made of Egyptian cotton, bamboo, and other soft and absorbent materials. Purchase a matching set for your master bathroom, or buy some for a guest bath to impress your next overnight visitor.

2. The Turbie Twist

If drying your wet hair after a shower has become a hassle, you should consider these fast hair drying towels. The Turbie Twist is specially made for your hair, and the brand offers a fun assortment of colors and patterns to choose from.

Not only is the Turbie Twist extremely affordable, but it also comes in both cotton and microfiber material, depending on your preference. The unique design allows you to wrap your entire head, then twist the towel in place so it stays put. It’s also revered by people with curly hair since it won’t flatten or damage curly locks.

Many people claim that the Turbie Twist shortens the amount of time it takes for your hair to completely dry. Give this hair drying towel a try, and you’ll be impressed at how well it works for you.

3. The Best Bath Towels Offer Eco-Friendly Solutions

If the environment and sustainability are top of mind for you, consider a bamboo bath towel. These ultra-plush towels are crafted of a bamboo blend that typically includes a mixture of bamboo fiber and cotton.

Not only are these the best bath towels for the eco-conscious crowd, but bamboo is extremely absorbent and dries really quickly. Many people claim that bamboo towels won’t mildew or leave behind that classic “wet towel” smell.

Another perk to using bamboo cotton bath towels is that they don’t tend to produce lint as much as some other materials. The towel may be a bit “linty” at first wash, but every wash thereafter should be virtually lint-free.

4. Microfiber Bath Towels: A New Trend

When it comes to new materials, microfiber has taken the world by storm. Usually reserved for cleaning rags and smaller utility-type towels, this soft material is also an excellent bath towel choice.

While microfiber might not be as soft on the skin like cotton, for example, it’s highly absorbent and helps you dry off faster. Simply blot the microfiber towel on your skin instead of rubbing and you should dry off in just minutes upon exiting the bath or shower.

You’ll find microfiber bath towels in several designs include waffle weave for a modern touch. These towels come in a rainbow of colors and can be folded up neatly in a linen closet. They’re also exceptionally lightweight, making them an excellent choice for travel.

5. Turkish Cotton Bath Towels Bring Luxury to the Bathroom

Although they appear thinner than most standard bath towels, Turkish cotton is actually very absorbent. Typically featured in a flatweave, these trendy towels can transform your bathroom into a spa-like space.

You can find Turkish cotton bath towels at several price points and in several colors and designs. Their lightweight profile looks beautiful when hung on a towel rack or folded neatly on an etagere shelf.

Another perk to these quality towels is that they dry off quickly and tend to absorb water better than a standard cotton bath towel. The extra-long fibers of Turkish cotton make the material look and feel thinner but it’s still just as absorbent as most other towel materials. 

6. Quick-Drying, Luxurious Cotton

Some of the best bathroom towels are made of classic cotton and feature a thick construction for a hotel-like experience. Look for cotton towels that claim to be quick-drying so you can get on with your day even faster.

Plush, lush towels can transform a daily shower into a luxurious event. While cotton may not dry as fast once it gets wet, it’s still a very absorbent material when you need to dry off after a shower or bath.

Choose an all-cotton towel in coordinating colors for your bathroom to create a beautiful look. All-white towels can evoke that high-end hotel feeling you’re looking for.

Finding the Right Towel For You

Whether you need something to dry your hair or you want a luxurious look, the best bath towels are made of a material that keeps you comfortable and dry. Eco-friendly bamboo towels are great, and hair towels featuring microfiber fabric will help to keep your curly hair intact.

Do your research to find out which bath towels will provide you with the drying power and softness you need.

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