Estilo Tendances’ 2015 Goals – Together We Can Make It Happen

//Estilo Tendances’ 2015 Goals – Together We Can Make It Happen

Although, we have one whole month left from this year, when you run a business full time (yeah, even if it is blogging!) you must have an idea of what your next year, or years, will look like. In the past 2 weeks I was looking at my Business Vision Board, and I was checking off all the things that we, the Estilo Tendances team, have accomplished already! Frankly, we did more than expected team wise, brand wise, quality wise… not so much money wise and Social Media wise, but we are getting there (did I mention that we’ve got 4 new Interns and 10 new writers?! – This is huge news)

Anyways, a few days ago, I saw a big opportunity that I could not say NO to. This opportunity is held on one of my favorite websites in terms of blogging -> SecretBloggersBusiness. As you might have already figured it out, this is about sharing your Goals for 2015 and stating how you think SBB could help you achieve them.

As any blogger, you cannot say no to the possibility of winning:

  • 2 x 1-hour 1-on-1 blog coaching sessions (with Kate!)
  • 1 x full-day of design time with their graphic designer Patience Designs (to create what ever we want for our blog!)
  • 1 x Canon EOS 600D SLR camera
  • 1 x Amazing 6-week online photography course by Click Love Grow
  • Apple iPad Mini (16GB Wifi)
  • PLUS – FREE access to any new or old SBB courses in 2015!

Plus, having to look at your Goals map and drawing what you want 2015 to bring you (this will make things easier for us in January, when we already know what we want and we don’t have to sit and figure it out).

Because Estilo Tendances‘ Goals are strictly related to WHAT CAN WE OFFER and not what can we GET (although, we would so love to win this competition), here is a list of all the VALUABLES we will bring to you, our devoted readers, in 2015.

#1. High-Quality Articles


As you have already seen, this year, we provided mostly 800+ words articles, well researched and very informative, so that any woman, no matter her income, social status or location can benefit from and can improve her life. We were mostly focused on Fashion Trends and How To’s, but starting 2015, we will extend our focus to Beauty, Lifestyle, Health and News. Expect to see five to ten articles weekly and to be able to get your daily dose of lifestyle!

#2. Many Printable Worksheets and Checklists


We struggle with the same things as you do! And I mean it! Just because we write about things you should do, that does not mean we always do it. I know, that is what we are supposed to do, but, at the end of the day, we are all human beings, with only 24h in a day, with families and jobs and we are not perfect!

But, what I have noticed, personally, to work effectively are the so called ‘Printable Worksheets/ Checklists’. Just think about it: you read an amazing article on Estilo Tendances about ‘What shoes to wear in 2015” and you find it extremely inspirational (like all our articles, right?!)… but after 10 days you remember only one trend to look for in 2015 shoes and when you try to find the article again, you might get lost in the pool of dozen articles, and get really frustrated.

What if, at the end of the article, you could get a worksheet, that you can print out, stick it to your vision board, or to your desk at work, or carrying with you in your purse (in case you go shopping to know what to look for)? This way, the valuable information from that specific article, you get to take it with you everywhere or to look at whenever you want to, without being afraid of missing it!

I think this will be a major break-through! To see an example, check out: 10 Things Successful Women Do Before Breakfast

#3. Email Courses


One of our dreams, for the last 2 years almost, has been creating a private Forum, where our most dedicated readers can take part in and get exclusive Tips&Tricks. Until we manage to get it started, we thought of having a few Email Courses in 2015, that will allow us to teach in more depth all those willing to take it a step further. Some email courses will be free, some will be paid. It will depend on the length and subject, but what I can say is that ALL OF THEM will deliver great value and they will be worth your time and/or your money. We plan to make some videos, we already got the tools we needed, now we just have to make it happen.

#4. Ebooks, ebooks, ebooks


This year, we had our first ebook launched: Top 5 Designer Picks from SS14. Being our first, we had no budged for designing or advertising, so it was all done by us. Of course, the results were not top notch, but we learned so many things from our mistakes. To be honest, SBB could have entered my life a lot earlier, so I could have learned, from SBB Bootcamp how to design and promote an ebook. (but no worries, now we can make other kind of mistakes to learn from)

We don’t know the topics of our future ebooks yet, but we know they will be 30-50 pages long and full of reliable information. Again, some of them will be free and some will be paid. (in the end, high-quality information requires some investment)

#5. Roundup Articles


We love these type of articles, because they offer a great value. We get to ask some of the most successful bloggers their opinion on a certain topic and you get to read it all in a nicely organized article. Besides getting to interact with amazing people from our niche, we get to bond and create lifelong partnerships and to keep YOU, our most loved reader, coming for more.

My favorite article of this kind is 32 Fashion Bloggers Share The One Clothing Item They Cannot Live Without1

#6. Infographics


In June 2014, we started our Instagram Account. (if you have not seen it, now is your chance to follow us!) We started growing rapidly and we are sure that by mid December will have more than 1,000 followers. In order to say THANK YOU to all our Instagram-ers and Pinterest lovers (we are moving slowly with Pinterest, we also started this year, but did not really focus on it) we decided to create a few Infographics each month, so we can tickle your visual hunger. (I am a visual learner, so for all of you like me, fashion and style infographics will change your life!)

#7. Interviews with BIG Brands and Blogs


Everyone was once a beginner, and it is nice to be able to connect with people that have walked in your shoes before. I cannot wait for us to start interviewing blogs that are bigger than us, from which to learn and to be able to share the wisdom, and most importantly to be able to deliver more value to you! We strive to have Hangouts on Air Interviews, so besides getting the priceless information, you can also see it live, or watch it later, instead of reading it (some people don’t like reading as much as watching a video).

When it comes to Brands, we want to be able to make it more accessible for you to get to know and be involved in their culture and why they do what they do. Style Items are just material things if you don’t get to know the big dream behind it. And we want to bring it further, to inspire you and to be a channel of diversified knowledge.

#8. Webinars


Webinars are another amazing way to interact with you and at the same time with other important bloggers or famous celebrities. In my spare time I subscribe to all the webinars possible regarding self development, business and health. And I have seen how much they have helped me, not only getting hands-on information, but also connecting with other viewers as well, from all over the world.

If we pull these off, then our BIGGEST 2015 GOAL will become a reality!


Estilo Tendances’ Major Goal in 2015 is to … reach 10,000 email subscribers!

How do we think SBBScholarship will help us?

  • by getting an amazing photo camera + photography course, we will be able to shoot our own pictures and create 100% original and unique content (visual wise). This will help with our daily articles, email courses, ebooks, infographics, branding
  • by getting access to all SBB courses, we get to expand our knowledge and SAVE huge amounts of money, that will be invested in Promoting and Not Learning (which is a big step further!);
  • when you get coached by someone who has 400,000 readers a month and a 6 figure income, I bet your life can be visibly improved – so I am definitely looking forward to Kate’s experience and advice, because after going through her Bootcamp Estilo Tendances started to look a lot different and I, myself started to gain a lot of knowledge about blogging and business;
  • having a graphic designer to create anything you want him to, is golden!

I am sure 2015 will be an amazing year, our second year of serious blogging, that will make the Core Team earn a stable income and develop more interns to figure out what they are good at and get the know-how to thrive in their future!

Here is our FIRST INFOGRAPHIC EVER, hope you love it as much as we do!

2015 Goals-estilotendances-  #secretbloggersbusiness  #sbbscholarship

We are a small team with big dreams and big hearts! We believe happiness comes before success and we have seen how far it has gotten us!

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