3 Must Have Mary Elizabeth Organic Based Skincare Products

//3 Must Have Mary Elizabeth Organic Based Skincare Products
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How many ORGANIC beauty products do you own?

Isn’t it interesting that we spend huge amounts of money on expensive beauty products, just because we see them on TV, and we do not pay any attention to the fact that we don’t understand 99% of their ingredients?

I dare you: Go in your bathroom and check your beauty closet and read the labels of your beauty products! How many ingredients do you know from the lists?

If I am right, and I hope I am wrong, 99% of the ingredients you read, mean nothing to you! How can you know if they are good for your skin or not? Are we paying for marketing and PR or are we paying for our health?

I know there are plenty of Organic based products, especially nowadays, to choose from and because I just discovered an amazing brand, I want to share it with you!


Mary Elizabeth – The Story

Behind Mary Elizabeth‘s brand is Cecilia Rathe and Claire Huntley. They started the company in 2011, and June 2012 turned out to be the month when they released their first products.

What amaze me the most (and why I chose to work with them) is the fact that this whole business idea started because Cecilia was left with scaring and sensitive skin after battling skin cancer (congratulation is in order!) and no product could help her. Being a trained aromatherapist, she decided to make her own beauty product, that will ultimately heal her completely. And guess what, IT DID! That is why I could not say it enough: I love organic based products and moreover organic essential oils!

Yes, I know that you saw me mentioning ‘essential oils‘, that is because:

Mary Elizabeth – Their Products

Their promise:

Each of our natural skin care products is packed with vitamin-rich plant oils and organic essential oils and every ingredient is carefully chosen for their skincare properties.

Their products don’t have:

  • Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS)
  • parabens
  • “parfums”
  • colourants
  • paraffin wax
  • petro-chemicals

Now that you know a bit about their amazing company, let’s see which are the 3 MUST HAVE ORGANIC SKINCARE PRODUCTS:

#1. Frankincense and Rose Moisturizer


Frankincense and Rose Moisturizer


Frankincense and Rose Moisturizer

DescriptionSuper nourishing, vitamin packed Jojoba and Meadow foam oils (with natural ultraviolet protection) boost and brighten your complexion while fabulous Frankincense and Rose oils help combat those signs of aging.

Active Ingredients:

  • Jojoba Oil (Buxus chinensis)
  • Meadow foam Oil (Limnanthes alba)
  • Thistle Oil ( Carmathus Tinctorious)
  • Shea Butter ( Butyrospermum parkii)
  • 100% Natural Vitamin E Oil (Tocepherol)
  • Sea Silk (Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein)
  • Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia carteri)
  • Rose Otto Damask Essential Oil( Rosa damascena)
  • Lavender Essential Oil ( Lavendula angustifolia)

Price: £22.00

Personal opinion: The smell, the texture, the feeling … priceless! I love their design (you already know I am a visual person and all the things that I use must be ‘cute’) and I noticed how much my skin improved after using the cream! Use it on clean skin (after makeup remover and toner) and you will be amazed on how crystal clear you face will look in the morning.

#2. Camellia & Geranium Gentle Face Scrub


Camellia & Geranium Gentle Face Scrub


Camellia & Geranium Gentle Face Scrub

DescriptionRich in Vitamin A this super moisturizing face scrub is so gentle that it can be used every day to cleanse and brighten your complexion. Camellia Oil and Avocado Oil combine with Geranium and Lavender to soothe, smooth and renew your skin.

Price: £12.95

Personal opinion: I love scrubs! (and I made my own, if you want to read about it -> Product Review: Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil + Make Your Own Body Scrub ) Did I mention that I also love lavender? (we have an aromatherapy diffuser and each night we go to sleep surrounded by lavender scent) This scrub is gentle, but I would not recommend using it daily, once a week should be enough. I added it on my skincare routine list, each Sunday!

#3. Juniper & Jojoba Hand Cream


Juniper & Jojoba Hand Cream


Juniper & Jojoba Hand Cream

DescriptionThis fabulously vitamin enriched cream combines Jojoba and Calendula Oils with Juniper, Geranium and Chamomile and leaves your skin beautifully smooth, softened and protected from the elements without any oily residue.

Price: £9.50

Personal opinion: I am not a fan of hand creams, not because they are no good, but because I always forget to use them – ergo, I never buy them. Having the opportunity to thy this product, I put it on my night stand, so now, every night when I go to bed, I see it and I use it! (I am a genius, I know) Being the first time I am using a hand cream on a regular basis, of course, my hands are soft and healthy looking, but what I LOVE THE BEST about it… is the smell! I love the smell of Geranium essential oil on my skin!

I will definitely buy them again and I hope you will try them too and tell us what you think!

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