DIY Outdoor Shed Storage Ideas

//DIY Outdoor Shed Storage Ideas
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Are you finding storage to be a problem in your outdoor shed?

Outdoor sheds are a great addition to any household nowadays. It increases property value in case you’re looking to sell and it gives some much-needed decoration if you have a bare backyard. It also helps ensure you don’t have an over-cluttered home by providing multi-purpose storage space.

However, if you’re not careful, sooner or later you’ll see the shed itself will start getting cluttered. This makes it a chore to go through them to get what you want if you don’t implement some nifty shed storage ideas.

There are different ways you can organize the storage space in your shed while keeping it looking fresh and cozy. Read what’s below if you find that inspiration is hard to find.

1. Install a Peg Board for Tool Organization

Pegboards have an unutilized use for storage. Hanging a pegboard in your shed allows you to hang smaller tools against it with ease. It also allows for an easier time of retrieving your tools as they’re loose but secured.

You’ll find that installing a pegboard allows you to free up a lot of space. Pegboards offer a compact small tool storage solution and it’s an easy way to declutter your area.

2. Elevated Rack for Longer Tools

Instead of having them lean against a wall, you should install an elevated rack to secure your longer tools. Having them lean unsecured against a wall may present a risk of your tools falling on your head. This is a great storage idea to keep safe anyone entering your shed.

Consider constructing a simple shelf and carving slots into it. Doing this gives you the sturdiness that shelves bring to the equation. The space between the grooves will also provide an area for small items.

3. Stick Metal Tools with a Magnetic Bar

If you’re looking for quick shed storage ideas, then using a magnet will be the best option for you. All you need to do to set this up is to adhere it to the wall and place your metal tools on it. This will work for most tools so long as they have metal fixtures on it.

The only things you need to take note of is that your magnet should be strong enough to support the tools you plan on hanging on it. If you do this well though, you’re presented with an easy and compact storage idea.

4. Place Small Items in Clear Containers.

If you’re having trouble keeping your nails and screws organized, then you should consider this storage idea. Keeping them in small clear containers is a common practice for homeowners. You can take this a step further by storing them suspended in eye level.

You can do this by having a screw go through the underside of the container’s lid. Screwing it through a piece of wood in your workshop, this becomes a small suspended container. Doing this will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

5. Organize Shelves with Plastic Containers

Often, shelves become quite cluttered after a while. When this happens, tools often become dusty which may compromise their durability.

To avoid these problems, you should store your shelved items in a plastic container. This will help you keep your items organized in containers and keep them from accumulating any dust while they’re safe inside the aforementioned containers. You should also label the containers to make it easier to organize and find your tools.

6. Install an Outdoor Shelf for Gardening Tools

Often, gardeners keep their tools inside their backyard sheds. This is a fine choice but it often becomes a chore to keep going inside to take your tools out and going back to organize them once again after doing what you need to do with the tools.

You can choose to have the tools stored on the outside of your shed instead. This not only gives you easy access but it also gives you the chance to decorate the outside of your shed.

7. Add Patio Furnishings Close to Your Shed

If you don’t fancy having tools on display on the outside of your shed, then you may opt for this idea instead. You can have your storage disguised as a patio set up to avoid the ugly façade brought about by tools.

Storage, in this case, comes in the form of long trunks which can also serve as a seat for your set up. You can disguise this even further by adding throw pillows on top of it. This is a great idea to complement a thematic backyard shed like a “she cave.”

It will make for great garden tool storage and backyard accents at the same time.

8. Hang Cords and Wires High Up

Proper storage for wires, cords, and cables is important to make it easier to organize the rest of the shed. If left strewn about, it can be a headache to deal with as it will get tangled with other cords and wires.

Often, the solution for homeowners is to round them up and stack them on top of each other. The problem with this method is that they’ll unravel sooner or later, causing the same mess you’re trying to avoid.

Instead, you’ll want to hang them high on a column or pillar. This keeps them from unraveling and makes it easy to know where they are when you need them.

9. Make Separate Containers for Chemicals

Whenever you’re storing chemicals, there’s always the risk of spilling and mixing them. This has the potential of making harmful fumes or damage to your shed. It’s a great idea to keep chemicals in a separate container to prevent this from happening.

It’s wise to keep volatile chemicals separate for each other in this case. You should also avoid using plastics as they may have reactions with some chemicals.

You can also consider using chicken wires to replace windows on your shed. This allows more free-flowing air to enter your shed. This will ventilate it better should any fumes escape the containers.

Upon doing this, you’ll be more confident in your new maintenance free sheds.

Check Out These Shed Storage Ideas Today

These shed storage ideas will help you fix up and organize the inside of your shed. Use these tool storage ideas along with these organizing techniques to keep a tidy shed now!

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