A Complete List of the Best Tech Companies to Work for in 2019

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Did you know that the five largest technology companies are worth over 3.5 trillion dollars? Whether you’re currently in the tech industry looking for a new job, or hoping to switch career paths, if money is appealing to you — tech is the answer.

Technology companies are innovative, unique, and offer benefits for personal growth. Software engineers make upwards of $200,000 a year with other professionals sitting at $200,000 or higher. 

The money isn’t the only attracting thing about tech companies. They are paving the way for diversity, inclusion, and innovation in the world. Have no idea what the best tech companies to work for are? Let’s take a look at the hottest in 2019!

The Best Tech Companies to Work For

Whether you’re a technology whiz, computer genius, marketing specialist, or receptionist — the tech industry is for you! Don’t limit yourself because of your skills, tech companies need more than “techy” people.

We’ve all heard about the happenings inside of Facebook and huge technology companies like Salesforce and Tesla taking a hit this year. Even though these companies are not the top-rated in the United States anymore, they are still high on the list.

The complaint is that large tech companies like these aren’t hearing the people or taking care of their employees. These huge corporations don’t have female leaders, trans, or non-binary people taking successful management roles.

Great, right? What’s the good news? There are a ton of technology companies that observe the movement happening in the tech world, and are making their move towards bettering their companies. Curious who they are? Let’s take a peek.

Zoom Video Communications (Zoom)

Founded in 2011 and located in California, Zoom leads the technology market on video conferencing and web conferencing communications platforms. Their platform allows you to conference with others and send those recordings to the cloud for later use. You share webinars with coworkers and friends, chat, and have backups of all of your data.

Better yet, Zoom is free for users, and it’s great to use for those working at companies that allow remote employees. Zoom is publicly traded, offers great benefits, and has a strong team presence.


Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella is not only intelligent, creative, and proactive — he’s changing the world by rolling out an environmentally-friendly business campus. Microsoft is always at the front of the industry, developing and rolling out new technologies and ideas way before other companies.

Microsoft’s long-standing position as a company has allowed it to be a thought-leader and visionary in the marketplace. Their headquarters, located in Redmond, WA, is one of many offices across the country.


NVIDIA is worldwide with its headquarters stationed in Santa Clara, CA. They invented the graphics processing unit (GPU) in 1999. A GPU helps computers to create images faster and clearer from accelerated memory.

It’s this technology that allowed PC gaming to take off. It modernized the world of computer graphics and the first Sony PlayStation used it. NVIDIA takes its research and invention to a new level today by using it to develop artificial intelligence (AI). This technology will flourish in robots, computers, and even cars driving themselves.

NVIDIA has a great team atmosphere, pulling the greatest minds in tech together to come up with innovative and creative solutions for visual processing.


If you’ve ever worked with any product from the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, you know the work and effort it must take in creating these platforms. Adobe is the worldwide leader of digital marketing and media platforms and solutions. From programs like Illustrator that allow artists to draw to Premiere Pro, perfect for video editing, the software helps artists of all kinds.

Adobe hires the brightest creative minds and offers a place where you’re able to grow in your career, helping you build a place for yourself long-term. The atmosphere is friendly and work-life balance is always encouraged.


SAP SE is a software company that started in Germany, and now has offices in over 180 countries. Their main headquarters is in Germany. They develop application software for enterprises, large and small.

With over 437,000 customers, their proven solutions work and make businesses run smoothly. They help clients gain profit by using machine learning and highly advanced analytics. Being a company of large profit, they provide competitive salaries and offer fantastic benefits.

If you’re interested in working somewhere besides the United States, there are plenty of opportunities overseas with a diverse network of professionals.


Located in the heart of the Midwest, Paylocity is software for human resources to use for payroll processing. It founded in 1997 and provides capital management solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Their core values are things like: live the reputation, be unbeatable together, and earn it, every day. These values drive the work that takes place at Paylocity, and the employees’ engagement with the company. They provide fantastic benefits and opportunity for growth while offering remote work and flexible schedules for those who need it.

Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software, started in 1990, has over 10,000 employees worldwide. Even with a large number of professionals here, you aren’t just a person in the crowd. Listed as #1 on Great Place to Work’s Best Workplaces in Technology list in 2019, and featured 8 years in a row on the Fortune 100 best companies to work for list, Ultimate Software works hard to provide a great culture for their employees.

They make inclusion, trust, and respect at the top of their values, putting their employees first before their products. They even have a network called “U Belong” that promotes diversity and equality within the workplace, with 100% employer-paid health coverage. If that isn’t enough, you can get massages and acupuncture on your lunch break from teams housed onsite.


Hubspot, known for its comprehensive marketing solutions for inbound marketing and sales professionals, in agencies of all sizes. Located in Cambridge, MA, Hubspot is employee-centric, focused on providing many opportunities for learning, growth, and camaraderie.

They offer master classes for employees in classroom settings to learn new things and free books for employees to rent. They even offer tuition reimbursement up to $5,000 a year for employees to take whatever courses they’d like.

Hubspot has a functioning diversity and inclusion committee, dedicated to making the workplace a place of all walks of life.


The world’s largest and most successful customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Salesforce, allows businesses to make connections with their clients in new and meaningful ways. Located on all sides of the nation, this company is thriving and growing.

Salesforce is #1 on the Fortune “100 Best Companies to Work For” list, as well as being on Forbe’s “World’s Most Innovative Company” list for eight consecutive years. Salesforce gives back to their community and the people that work there without reservation. You even get time off every year to go and volunteer at a place of your choice.


LinkedIn has over 610 million users, covering over 200 countries. The impact of this platform for business professionals allows people to connect and network together. LinkedIn was born in 2002 and is a leader in business professional networking.

They work hard to hire people who share similar visions about business, relationships, and connection.


Intuit was founded in 1983 and is located in Mountain View, CA. Solutions such as Mint, Quickbooks, and Turbo Tax are all run by Intuit. They use innovative techniques like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data to help manage finances and solve financial problems. Their solutions are cloud-based and serve over 50 million people.

Intuit’s CEO Sason Goodarzi was recently recognized as #1 on a list of Best CEO’s. He’s committed to making Intuit diverse and inclusive. He treats his employees each as an owner of the company and gives them the tools they need to succeed.

Best Tech Businesses

Exploring some of the latest and greatest companies in the tech industry and the best places to work, you can see that each offers its own benefits and some characteristics set them apart.

Do you want to be on the leading edge of machine learning and artificial intelligence? Are you interested in developing solutions that make making relationships easier and connecting the dots for people in human resources or finance?

It’s no question that the technology industry is booming, and it’s only going to grow. With the discovery of implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence, new applications and software rollouts are inevitable.

This list doesn’t list every one of the big players, but as you can see, the majority of tech businesses out there are exciting and present viable opportunities for career growth. When it comes down to it, the best tech companies to work for are the ones that ignite your passion!

If you’re interested in learning more about the tech industry and what they have to offer, check out our blog today.

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