We often seek happiness within our friends, our work, shopping, on social sites, or in bars and restaurants. We often forget that happiness is within us and we need not chase it. One can be happy doing things by himself or herself or by doing something new at the convenience of his or her home. So, if you happen to be in need of a little bit of happiness, why not check out my DIY happiness ideas?

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own action.”

— Dalai Lama —

I assure that these ideas will give you joy and satisfaction. Happiness can be found in the smallest things and it can come in the smallest forms. It does not necessarily have to come under the form of a grand gesture. Are you ready?

DIY Happiness Ideas

#1. Aromatic Candles

diy happiness ideas

It may not seem so, but aromatic candles are one of the DIY happiness ideas that are therapeutic. Just light one when you are stressed and you will see all your worries melting away and instantly making you happy. It is quite easy to do it.

For this, you need to get a thick candle, elastic or rubber band, string, whole cinnamon sticks and a ribbon. First, tie the elastic band around the candle and then start placing cinnamon sticks inside the band. Then, tie a string around it in order to tightly secure the sticks. After this, tie a ribbon around it to give a nice, finishing touch. Your aroma candle is ready to be used and make you happy.

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#2. Delicious Smoothies

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Smoothies are delicious, they light your stomach and are quite easy to make. They are extremely healthy as they are packed with vitamins and minerals. It’s a great DIY happiness idea.

One of the simple recipes is this one: take a banana and freeze it overnight. Then, in the morning, cut the banana and blend it with  ¾ cups orange juice. Add chunks of mangos and pineapples and blend it again. You can kick-start your day with this sumptuous and refreshing smoothie!

 #3. Homemade Scrub

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Another of the DIY happiness ideas is making your own scrub for your face and body. There are several brands out there on the market, but nothing compares to homemade, free of chemicals and natural ingredients. And what better way to do it than yourself?

A simple scrub recipe includes taking half a cup of coconut oil and mixing it with half a cup of brown sugar and a half teaspoon of vanilla extract in a mason jar. Another scrub you can make at home is mixing half a cup of sea salt with half cup of sugar and mix with olive oil and a few drops of orange essential oil.

#4. Create Your Own SPA

diy happiness ideas

A great way to feel happy is to de-stress yourself by creating a zone in the comfort of your own home, a zone where you can just chill. How to do that?

Just put a handful of Epsom salts, half cup of baking soda and a few drops of lavender oil. Light a few aromatic candles which you earlier designed and step into the tepid  bath with a favourite smoothie (maybe a glass of wine) and a book. The bath will detox and rejuvenate you instantly.

 #5. Five-Minute Brownie

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Just thinking about chocolate makes you happy, right? Now, you can get this instant happiness fix in five minutes. How?

Add half a cup of self-rising flour with cocoa, sugar, salt, vanilla extract, canola oil and mix it in a mug. Make sure that there are no clumps in the batter. Then, at 1000 watts, bake this brownie mixture. Once it is ready, serve it with homemade vanilla ice cream. Your five-minute and very yummy dessert is ready to make you happy.

#6. Homemade Ice Cream

diy happiness ideas

Summer is almost here and a great way to relish this season is to make delicious ice cream. It is quite simple! Making your own food and creating and reinventing easy recipes are cool DIY happiness ideas.

All you need is a condensed milk and 2 cups of heavy cream and vanilla extract. Whip the cream and then gently fold it in the condensed milk. Add a few drops of vanilla extract in it and freeze the mixture. Remove the ice cream and scoop it into dessert bowls. Your summery confection is ready. If needed, you can also add mango pulp in the ice cream mixture to get a fruity ice cream.

#7. Marbled Design Mugs

diy happiness ideas

A great DIY happiness idea is to recycle your old stuff. Recycling gives a new life to your old things and gives you a creative satisfaction. Take your old white mugs, a bowl of water and nail polish. Add nail polish to the water and dip the coffee mug for 15 minutes. Then remove the mug and dab to wipe it. These mugs can be nice gifts for your friends and colleagues.

#8. Feel-Good Jars

This is my all time favorite DIY happiness ideas: creating feel-good jars. A feel-good jar helps during the days one is feeling low or not too well. You can make this jar by adding a few chocolate candies, your favorite lip colors and nail paints, some essential oils like lavender, old pictures, and herbal tea bags. Whenever you are stressed out, use this jar as an instant pick me up.

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 #9. Homemade Food Extracts

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Food extracts like vanilla and orange can be made at home and it’s super easy. Make your very own! Take a few pods of vanilla and put it in a jar. Fill it with clear vodka and after fifteen days, the vanilla extract is ready to be used in all cakes and cookies. Similarly, you can make orange extract with orange rinds.

#10. Decorate Your Walls

You can always redo your home space. Take one wall and light fairy lights on it. Then, hang old photographs on the same walls. Your photographs will get a new lease of life and the walls will look beautiful. Remember that home decoration and home design will always bring you happiness. A beautiful home will make you feel happy.

#11. Create Your Own Green Space

diy happiness ideas

Green plants are always a balm for sore eyes. You can grow herbs in your kitchen even if you don’t have a green thumb. All you need is old bowls, soil, and seeds. One needs to put holes in the bowls. Put soil and plant seeds in them.

Water the seeds and place them on your windows, in a place where there is a lot of sunlight. Your own kitchen garden will be ready in few weeks. Having a small, green garden space in your kitchen is one of  the DIY happiness ideas that will bring you joy.

These DIY happiness ideas are simple, are not very expensive and you can do them in no time. But the best part is that you will actually have fun when doing them, so try them and let us know how your experiences have been and if they brought smiles to your face. Stay happy and positive!

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