If you are like me, beauty has a backseat when it comes to everyday life. Now I, for one, love anything glam but when I’m waking up at 4.30 am every morning, it certainly becomes harder and harder each day to keep up this ‘glam’ appearance. Through my years of fashion and beauty writing, I have learnt some of the best beauty hacks that are perfect for those who are on the go.

Whether this means doing your makeup on the commute to work or finding a way to tame your dirty hair, these are guidelines to live by, especially when such crises arise on a daily basis. Let’s have a look at some of the main beauty hacks we all should take advantage of.

Best Beauty Hacks

#1. Two Lipsticks

This is one of the best beauty hacks I swear by and use almost every day. I often wear nudes and soft pinks whilst working instead of the vibrant bright colours that I find myself in love with. However, this can change in an instance.

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick, Bitch Perfect

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipstick, Private Party

If you are going straight out from work, whether this is shopping or partying, you can easily transform your face of the day from day to evening with a lipstick change. This is where that darling red and fuchsia pink come into play. My own personal favourites to carry are Bitchy Perfect by Charlotte Tilbury and Private Party by Mac, trust me darlings, you will never regret.


#2. Sponge Hair Bun And Pins

Perhaps your hair is due a wash, but you have very little time to either wash it or style it. This is where this fabulous sponge creation is a dream. By simply wrapping your hair into the perfect bun and pinning it in place, no one will ever realise the hair crisis you once had.

Zodaca Ring Shape Hair Styling Magic Sponge Donut Bun Maker

What I love most about these is that they tend to work for many types of hair as they come in an array of sizes for different lengths and thickness meaning if your hair is long enough to put up you will use this at ease. With a touch of hairspray, you are ready to go and the best thing about this trick is that it works even better when your hair is dirtier.


#3. Nail Polish Remover Pads And Nail Varnish

nails inc. Covent Garden Gel Effect Nail Varnish

How often do you find yourself sitting endlessly on your commute to work bored? Or maybe you have a spare ten minutes on your lunch break? Carrying nail varnish remover pads are compact and come in more useful than you would ever think.

It’s one of the best beauty hacks I came across. After applying a lick of your favourite polish and your manicure is ready to go, meaning you will never find an excuse to say you never had time to paint your chipped nails.

#4. Baby Wipes

I know this sounds crazy right, what do baby wipes have to do with the best beauty hacks? Well, they kind of are everything. Baby wipes are hypoallergenic meaning they contain no harmful ingredients that will disagree with your skin (sensitive skin included).

If you need to take your makeup off after a long days work or need a quick switch of the face without leaving the previous makeup look on, this is the most simple and quickest way to do so.

Nice N’ Clean® Unscented Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin

Personally, I always use fragrance-free wipes as I have skin that is quite often allergic to most things. I also opt for the most standard wipes with no added extras as ones targeting specific problems such as sensitive skin can quite often do the opposite.

#5. Sunglasses

Polaroid Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses

Okay, so this is totally cheating, but it’s okay to cheat sometimes when it comes to glam on the go. I take a pair of sunglasses EVERYWHERE. Whether you are looking glam, or simply shading your eyes, sunglasses come in useful on every occasion.

They protect your eye makeup from running during those ice cold winter days, but it also means you can pop out anyway without makeup and realistically not one person will be able to pinpoint who you are!


#6. Bathe The Night Before

best beauty hacks

I always pop in the shower/bath on a nighttime regardless of what time I get in. This also means washing my hair at night. Not only does it free up some time in the morning, but it also means your hair is a lot easier to style and for that style to stay in place.

Of course, this isn’t always practical, particularly if you go to the gym, but it is definitely a routine that you will never regret getting into.

#7. Tangle Teezer 

So, I have talked about a few of my favourite creations, but I have saved one of the best beauty hacks til last. Tangle teezers are life changing no matter what type of hair you have. They do what they literally say in the name, detangle your hair and at ease.

Tangle Teezer Purple Dazzle Compact Syler Professional Detangling Brush

That means whether it’s a windy day and your hair is knotted or if you are taking your hair down ready for a night out, you can style it to perfection. You literally glide the comb through your hair to eliminate any tangles and the pain-free experience leaves you with nothing short or perfection.

These best beauty hacks are ones that I use every single day without fail. Remember to use your time wisely. While, understandably, not all of us have the time to ensure our glam game is on point every single second of the day, we can certainly pave the way for it with these go-to the best beauty hacks. What do you think?

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