Not all of us have that creative flair, I know I don’t. However, by no means does that mean you do not have the ability to be creative or to know the ways to stay creative. Everyone has an ounce of creativity in them, it just may not be obvious.

Creativity doesn’t mean you can instantly paint the perfect picture or take the perfect photograph, however, it is something much more. Being creative is all within your mind and it means something different to every single person.

Keeping yourself creative appears to be a challenge, but it isn’t. There are many different things you can do to keep yourself creative and many of them require a very minimal effort if you incorporate them into your everyday life. Here are a few ideas on ways to stay creative.

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” – Sylvia Plath

10 Ways To Stay Creative

#1. Read

One of the most important things that you need to know regarding the ways to stay creative is that ideas stem from ideas. Whilst you can never take someone else’s idea and use it as your own, you can certainly allow them to inspire you and trigger your mindset. Reading doesn’t mean reading the finest of historical literature (although it should certainly be included), it means reading everything.

ways to stay creative

Whether you are scrolling through your Facebook news feed and seeing numerous articles or at the hairdressers’ reading a copy of the latest gossip magazine, everything provides you with a source of influence.

You will probably never know your own triggers for developing the greatest of ideas but making sure you educate yourself by reading all things possible, as opposed to neglecting them, definitely means you are on your way to generating them.


#2. Learn something new once a week

While we can always say “learn something new once a day”, we are limited to what you can achieve in one day. Think bigger and out of the ordinary.

ways to stay creative

I taught myself to do Sudoku and actively sought to learn how to play chess. Whilst these aren’t the most exciting of hobbies, they allow your mind to think in a different way to what it usually would. Once again, it’s all about complimenting those triggers to allow your mind to think differently.

 #3. Experiment with colour

From your outfit to home interior and to the colour of the flowers in your garden, allow your vibrant surroundings to reach inside your mind. This vibrancy changes your mood and, therefore, changes the way you think.

ways to stay creative

Instead of going classic monochrome, sway the styles around you into something a little more eccentric, exaggerated and experimental.

#4. Watch Youtube videos

You will be surprised what you will find on YouTube. My particular favourites are the makeup tutorials. So, whether you would like to transform into a cartoon character, animal or mermaid, make sure you know the possibility is always out there.

ways to stay creative

Even if it’s just for fun, you never know when you will need these things in life and the ability to do them will be something you will forever be thankful for. Makeup videos are just one thing out of the many many.

 #5. Keep up to date with the latest movies and songs

Be current, know the trends. You don’t have to stick to them but it lets you know what is out there and the endless opportunities and ideas you have to play with.

ways to stay creative

 #6. Keep a dream diary

This is something I wish I had been doing for years. It’s one of the best ways to stay creative. I always have the craziest dreams, however, I never remember them and I really wish I did. Dreaming is something unprecedented.

ways to stay creative

We can achieve the unexpected and do things you would never think possible. Well, why not attempt to make them possible? Being able to look back on them keeps a note of your goals and desires, placing everything into perspective and giving you something to work for.

#7. Document your ideas

Whether you are taking photographs, writing things down on sticky notes or browsing through the latest Pinterest boards document, everything you think of.

ways to stay creative

There is nothing worse than knowing you had a perfect idea and you just didn’t document it. The chances are it will never come back to you. Annoying, I know! So, let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again.


#8. Take up an unusual hobby

Take up something that is iconically creative and complete cliche. Whether this is clay modelling or portrait painting, discover what you can and can’t do. Don’t just assume that you will not be able to do something if you have never tried.

ways to stay creative

I’m a pro at hula hooping and I only found that out by accident (I’m rubbish at sports)!

#9. Pick a topic you love and pull ideas from it

Where is your true area of interest? For me it is fashion, but for many it can range from cooking to gardening to travelling and, of course, everything in between. Keep yourself creative by doing things you love.

ways to stay creative

I keep myself creative by writing about fashion, the latest runways, high street favourites and, of course, the rest. This will make everything so much more fun and ridiculously enjoyable.

#10. Let your imagination run wild

No explanation needed. Don’t hold yourself back.

ways to stay creative

We have proven that creativity can never be relegated to just one thing. Opportunities are endless, you just need to realise that. Take pride in the many things you are capable of and, instead of putting yourself down, embrace them and flourish.

Darlings, you do have that creative flair, whether you know it or not. Just take a look at the many ways to stay creative!

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