Capturing Your Inner Goddess: 10 Ideas for Your Maternity Photoshoot

//Capturing Your Inner Goddess: 10 Ideas for Your Maternity Photoshoot
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Expecting a new baby is an exciting time for everyone, but especially for you, the new mother.

Since you’re only pregnant for a short time, it’s no surprise you want to document this amazing experience.

If you’re thinking of getting a maternity photoshoot, check out these 10 ideas that will help you capture your inner goddess and give you photos you’ll treasure for years to come.

1. A Milk Bath with Flowers

For this photo, fill the tub with warm water until it’s around a quarter full. Then, add powdered milk and cornstarch to give the water a smooth, white, milky color.

Once the tub is around two-thirds full, get into the bath and place colorful flowers around you. Your photographer can help create the perfect arrangement.

These photos are soft and sweet and put your motherhood on display while being tasteful and beautiful.

2. Wear a Flowy Dress

This fashion maternity photoshoot is sweet and romantic, and you can have the pictures snapped anywhere you choose. Stand in a large field to give the photo a bohemian vibe.

Be sure you wear a flowy dress with a long tail that can be swept up into the air. This creates a unique look and a memorable photo to showcase your pregnancy.

Ask your photographer to help throw the material of your dress up into the air before they shoot. This will create a flowy, flying look of fabric for a totally unique vibe.

Try this service for mothers to get a professional photographer who can give you the maternity photos of your dreams.

3. Paint Your Belly

If you’re looking for something truly adorable, consider painting a sweet scene on your pregnant belly. You may want to wait till you’re far along to get the full pregnancy effect.

The sky is the limit with this photo shoot, and you can paint virtually anything you want on your tummy. From the baby’s name to adorable animals, see how creative you can be!

Keep in mind that you may need to be patient since painting this will take some time. The end result will be worth the wait!

4. Create a Family Theme

Whether this is your first baby or a new addition to your already-growing family, you can take pictures with a cute family theme. Make a row of shoes to place in front of yourself and your other half.

Add a pair of baby shoes to the row to signify that a new little one is on the way. This photo shoot is super cute and it includes everyone in the family.

If you like, you can also hold a sign stating the announcement of your new arrival.

5. Try an Artful Pose for Your Maternity Photoshoot

For moms who want something a bit more artistic, consider taking a few photos in black and white. This high contrast will add a touch of drama to your maternity pictures.

Wear a long black robe and stand in front of a black background with your belly exposed. This will put the focus on your face, hands, and pregnant tummy to create an impactful picture.

See how creative you can be and try a variety of poses until you find the one you like best.

6. Go Boho with a Floral Crown

The floral crown trend is popular with brides, but it also works well for maternity pictures. Buy or make your own floral headdress and fill it with colorful blooms.

Wear your floral crown with a flowy lace dress to give the picture a romantic touch. The sky is the limit, and you can use any type of flower to create the look.

If you want, you can make a floral crown composed of pink or blue flowers to signify the gender of your new arrival.

7. Capture Your Silhouette

For something simple and striking, consider taking a few pictures of your silhouette. These photos are beautiful since they highlight your pregnant figure in a tasteful way.

Stand outside against the sunset, or you can create a silhouette photo indoors with the right background. These pictures are easy to create and they really put a focus on the beauty of motherhood.

8. Have Fun with the Whole Family

If you already have children, an adorable family photo is always appreciated. Include everyone in the picture and make the shots lighthearted and fun.

You can have your oldest child hold a sign announcing their new baby sister or brother. Or, have them gently lay on your belly for a super-cute shot.

Make sure your partner is included, too. These maternity family-style pictures are a sweet choice that you’ll cherish.

9. Integrate Props into the Picture

To create a simple yet effective photograph, incorporate a few props to add a fun touch. A photo of your latest ultrasound held in front of your belly is an adorable option.

Hold a red heart or balloon in your hand to create a whimsical maternity picture. Even a bouquet of flowers can give your photograph a touch of color and a sweet look.

Think of a variety of props you can use, and then have your photographer include them in the photo shoot for fun.

10. Try a Variety of Backdrops

When it comes to photographs, the possibilities are endless and that includes the backdrop you select. Stand in front of an old barn or building to give your picture a cool vibe.

You can even have your photo shoot taken right in the comfort of your own home if you choose. A flowery field or a green grassy farm are beautiful options if you want a more natural vibe. 

Take several pictures in front of an assortment of backdrops so you can decide which one looks best for your desired outcome.

Pictures of the Mommy-to-Be

From a flowery milk bath to a family portrait, the sky is the limit when it comes to your maternity photoshoot. Get creative and be sure to give your photos a personal touch that reflects your personality. 

If you’re looking for a professional maternity photographer, check out our website to schedule an appointment.






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