How You Can Spend Time Away Without Kids

//How You Can Spend Time Away Without Kids
  • spending time away without kids

In marriage, having kids is one of the biggest responsibilities. Over time, it becomes hard to find some quality time alone with your spouse.

The last thing you want is to become an intimacy-starved parent. As such, it helps to find ways of getting away without your kids. This will help you to reconnect with your loved one and reflect upon your lives and children.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the ways of spending time away without kids. Read on to learn more.

1. Child Care Can Help

If your children are too young to be left alone, involving a child care service can give you some time to sneak away with your partner. You can hire a babysitter or nanny, or you can reach out to your friends or neighbors to watch your kids. Alternatively, you can take them to a child care centre for a day.

Knowing your kids are safe while going out helps to set the right mood for your date. This will give you an oasis of alone time to enjoy each other’s company or share a favorite drink and meal.

2. Simply Lock You Door

In some cases, you don’t need to run away from home. If your kids are mature enough, simply close your bedroom door and spend time together. You also need to remind them that it’s not okay to barge in unless there’s an emergency.

You can use this time to enjoy a candlelit bubble bath or share a bottle of wine or champagne.

3. Take a Vacation

Vacationing is also an ideal option if your kids can be left at home alone or under the care of an adult.

A three to five-day vacation time is enough to make it up to your loved one. You need this break to rekindle your marriage and stimulate better parenting for your kids.

It can be a dilemma to travel without them. But the essence of the vacation is to give you and your spouse some quality alone time. So, you’ll have peace of mind for a great vacation knowing that the kids are okay.

4. Wait for the Kids to Sleep

Spending time away without kids doesn’t need to be long. An hour or two is enough to be alone and stoke your own fire. You can sew, sing, write, invite a friend for a drink, or go out with friends.

Just wait for the kids to go to bed and savor every moment.

Being a parent doesn’t mean you have to push aside your own life. You also need time for your own thoughts, even if you simply want to look at old pictures or sing along to your favorite songs.

5. Give the Kids a Sleepover

You can have a full weekend to yourself by allowing your kids to go for a sleepover. Just be certain to arrange this in advance.

This offers you the opportunity to do whatever you want. You can watch an afternoon movie with your partner and enjoy dinner together afterward. A walk in the park or other outdoor activity can be a great thing for two.

Spending Time Away Without Kids

Nowadays, it’s extremely difficult to get away from kids. You need to help them with their school work, accompany them to art classes, and never mind how whiny they can get! Such everyday chaos and chores can weigh you down.

As a parent, they need your attention, care, and guidance. But spending time away without kids can help you re-energize your life and work on your marriage. Parents do need time together and alone to manage their domestic affairs well.

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